Who are you and where are you going?

Which turn do you take at the next crossroads? In the spiritual sense all roads lead to the same point, where you could say that X marks the spot, and from this point on there is only one direction to take on your spiritual path, and that is to the north and to the right from which there is no return!

This is in the same vein as the reason why there is no possibility of man returning to the state of an animal in a future incarnation. There is no such thing as the transmigration or metempsychosis of Souls, and it was said: ‘there never was a time when man was not!’

We were at one point basic instinctive humans or sub-humans, but we were nevertheless humans, and never apes or other animals. It is so easy to attribute our human failings in both directions one to the animals where we can accuse others of being as cunning as a fox etc. or in the other direction we blame the Logos like some supernatural supermarket owner when things do not go our way and we run out of something.

There are many writings, holy books and once hidden gospels we can read, full of parables, allegorical stories and symbols. Some are difficult to understand and certainly we often find the symbology hard to take and to fathom.
It is said that something symbolical means precisely that it is conveying significance, but recognising and understanding the direction of that significance is the tricky bit.

We are often confused by those challenges that are set for us to meet and to overcome, and we often ask ourselves if we are in fact on the right path, in the right place and moving in the right direction.

In the final analysis we will no doubt find, I believe by the application of nothing more than common sense, that there is only one direction and that is the one that we face. The beauty of this analogy is when the two of you face in the same direction!

We will find that there is no right or wrong, that no one has the right to judge us or has the right to demand our adoration and it follows that there is no above or below which are merely separated by our own warped or misguided perceptions.

Take the story of Noah who made and drank wine, took off his clothes and sat naked in his tent, unaware of the world. What does that mean? That he was a dirty old man and a drunkard?

No! It means that he acquired the ability to go beyond body limitations, a bit like the Shaman who uses various natural herbs to alter his state of consciousness taking him beyond the physical. This is what the wine represents.

He removed clothing that represents customs and traditions of his people. He was naked, without custom or tradition. Just imagine how we would be transformed if we could do just that with no customs, rituals or ceremonies and no superstitions to tie us down or to presume to direct us?

To me that would be the essence of freedom, which would leave us free to experience the presence of One, the true nature of Oneness, of mergence with the Divine, which we seem to experience in fleeting moments of illumination. It is beholden on us all to reduce the barriers and spaces in between those bright moments, into a constant realisation of the illuminating Presence of the Logos.

As it is reported Jesus turned the water of wholeness and Oneness into the wine of the ability to go beyond and by placing it into stone jars of fundamental perception he demonstrated the ability of us all to go beyond our physical limitations and achieve our own spiritual vision and connection with the Divine.

Although the story is metaphorical, can you leave everything behind and allow yourself to become spiritually aware of the Divine presence? Some of us, when moving in the direction of and in the presence of the intense energies of nature, come close to that realisation.

Even just in the early morning walking barefoot in the park, feeling the dew between your toes is all it takes to bring you down to earth and also to experience a higher reality all in the same moment as you begin to absorb the refining influence and energies of nature. Something which Hermits and Essenes have been able to experience by going into the deserts, mountains or wilderness, not that there is much room left for a hermit to retreat to these days!

When you reach this period of connection something amazing happens because out of sight and for the most part out of mind you are bringing the two parts of your divine reality together, which most of us are unaware of or deny.

It is in fact the realisation of an unbroken connection between the divine within you with the Divine around you, since the one is part of the other and can never be separated. It is presumptuous to imagine that because we have part of the Divine within us that we are in fact the Divine which in truth is far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

When we do come to this perception we will indeed also realise that we are facing in the right direction. Like most things in this complex life we will also understand that, just like falling in love in which state we open ourselves to becoming vulnerable, here we must admit to trust and faith.

Which I believe are the two preeminent states of consciousness which we must approach in order to accept the deeper reality in the direction of the spiritual way and yes OK that brings its own feeling of vulnerability!

There is only so much that you can gain from a spiritual reading giving you the best possible pathway of your life path direction, the rest is up to you. You are the one who has to make those life changing decisions, exercising your God given right of Free-will in order to decide on the next best turn to take in your life.

Your Soul decided on this life, in this family, in this place to give the best possible chance of fulfilling the experience necessary for Soul advancement, but it is your living consciousness, mind and Spirit that has to decide day by day on the direction to take.

In this age of technology with all which that implies in smart phones, GPS and Google Earth, never mind the humble compass, none of which can help you on the spiritual direction to take, I believe that we are all guided if we will only open ourselves to its Divine Direction.
Hold our hands as you walk this way together with Hanukah and the Angel.


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  1. Great analogies of truth here David within the stories of sacred teachings.. Loved the one about Noah.. ” Just imagine how we would be transformed if we could do just that with no customs, rituals or ceremonies and no superstitions to tie us down or to presume to direct us?
    yes we should all get naked and back to basics on that theme dear David.. So much hatred has been passed down via customs and creeds… Prejudices and Perceptions of others indoctrinated into the young minds.. Colouring reality..

    Amazing thoughts..
    Blessings Sue


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