For the Vision Alignment Project
Posted on line by VAP which I wrote back in February 2011:

Dear Intenders,
This is my vision …

I see this vision as a bright reflection of my constant prayer:
That harmony, healing, peace and love are the foremost beliefs, thoughts and feelings of all sentient beings.

That all consciousness desires equilibrium, the best of health for the highest good of all.

That man, the highest state of earth bound consciousness sees beyond the solid state, and is understanding, the true nature of life and leading the way for all other beings on earth.

That we are relating to the many other states and energies that exist in our cosmos and acting as the conduit of cosmic cooperation for all levels of consciousness from source to silica to self.

And that the golden light of the central sun shines with ever increasing intensity in the pure hearts and minds of all conscious beings leaving trails of glory wherever we go.

So my question is what trails do you leave behind you?
Are your trails more like muddy tracks of discontent, frustration and shadow?
Due to the un-fulfilment of your wishes, wants and desires, despite your constant prayers, positive thoughts and wishful thinking of happiness coming your way.
I hope not!

We are verging here on the kind of mental discontent which leads the youth of today to become easily disenchanted with daily life by the on-line radicalisation which seems to offer an alternative to their unfulfilled lives.

Referring to the first Paragraph of my vision:
What does healing look like?
What does peace look like?
What does love look like?

Where does love come from? Does it come from your mouth, from your eyes or from your heart? Wherever it comes from it is invisible, cannot be measured and has no mass so it cannot be weighed! So what effect does it have and does it leave a trail in its wake?

Similarly those in the know believe that we have a Soul, a Spirit and many are blessed healers filled with love, peace, happiness and the power to heal while alive and yet if accurately weighed, two measurements before and after death, would be exactly the same despite the fact that the Soul and Spirit have left the body and there will be no evidence of love, peace, happiness and healing power after death. Except perhaps a smile on the benign face of death!

The only difference would be in the trails that were left prior to death and in the case of our healer I am willing to bet, trails of glory, which could only be felt by those who met and /or knew her or him, received something they could not explain to their benefit and maybe a printed word or two!

There are cases where a healer is so full of happiness that there is a radiation of love and healing energy to all, so much so that they want to reach out and touch the healer because they feel that by doing so they will gain some of the same.

Just like the woman who reached out to touch the robe of Jesus so that she would be healed and as Jesus said it was her faith that made her whole. I believe that faith is the most important ingredient in the act of healing!

So how do you counter the on-line radicalisation with a teaching, which like love and healing, has no form cannot be seen or measured, but under the right circumstances can only be felt, believed and followed, and which can also be blocked by their Free-will.

The difficulty we all face is that in order to find happiness, which should be the constant quest of all humans, we should only concentrate on what we want and not on what we do not want! In this way a level of consciousness is achieved where happiness is within and relies on no outside energy, event or contrary indication.

The same applies to the disenchanted youth who find themselves unworthy, constantly concentrating on what they don’t want, and are willing to swap a mother’s and family’s love for the wished for love of brothers in arms!

This is not something new, for religious or fundamental human rights reasons we have taken up arms over the centuries to fight battles and wars not of our making, but we felt the euphoria of the common cause whether we were a Crusader fighting to save Jerusalem from the infidel or to give Spain back to her people against Franco. Is it time for the Infidel to fight back?

Leaders of families, faiths, schools, colleges and universities all have a fundamental responsibility in teaching the youth the ways of peace, mindfulness and compassion. Each of us is born with the rights and wrongs engraved on our hearts. We know that when we take up arms, pick up a knife or a weapon of any kind we know where our responsibility lies. There is no disturbance of the mind for we know our potential and our responsibility, despite what so called learned counsel may argue in defence.

We are aware at the fundamental level of mind, consciousness and Spirit which we need to be shown from an early age how to recognise and adhere to the fundamental principles of right and wrong and to respect the pathways which others may choose as is their right.

May love, peace and happiness be your constant watchwords to share with those around you and especially the youth of today.
Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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6 Responses to TRAILS

  1. David, your vision alignment is wonderful.. as are your follow up questionings.. I agree we all of us have a responsibility.. So many are reaching out for something.. and many do not know what that something is..
    Its like the many who have addictions to drugs, they substitute a drug wanting it to fulfil them.. And what is often lacking is Love.. that feeling of belonging, and being wanted.. When someone or something offers to fill that space.. That is what attracts them..

    I can not even begin to understand the mind of someone who is radicalised to such an extent to extremism.. But I can see how if they feel they do not fit, the reach out to fit into something else..

    Each of us I think David from a young age are taught the rights and wrongs in behaviours.. I can not see how some become so brainwashed as to disregard these feelings.. And its perplexing and worrying ..

    In a way we all become guilty of something or other, whether its just how we judge another.. We truly can not see why some commit the actions they do..

    Compassion and love are great teachers, I can only pray and hope David that we can overcome the barriers which are being thrown up.. And if you look to our media.. They do a good job of creating fences.. to take sides… And in affect are also contributing to judgement which can escalate those whose empathy is borderline…

    I truly hope we can choose Peace over Hatred David… and in 2015 can overcome our primitive urges which seem to continually throughout History revolve around War, and Destruction as we separate wider apart.. be it through religious beliefs or boarders between countries…
    Man it seems has to learn through many trials along his trail back to the source.. At times this for me when I look around at the world David is exhausting and I wonder have we as a species learnt anything from all the blood-letting we have done to one another throughout time..

    At times I do get disillusioned.. But at the same time.. I also know the proportion of Bad we are shown, is nothing to the Good which is kept hidden..

    Love and Blessings David..
    Sue ❤


    • David says:

      Thanks for taking the time Sue to comment so beautifully, frankly and expounding how so many of us feel right now. It is said that in order to change the world we must begin by changing each of ourselves within, but as you say of all those who have been changed to become radicalised how do we encourage them to change through 180º? Are we all to blame for where they find themselves with no prospect of return? Love as always David

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      • Dear David.. No looking at the upbringing of the one in the Media news right now.. he had a good home and was well educated.. And from those who knew him they said he was humble and kind hearted..
        I think we are all of us given a choice in life David.. And I am certain this young man knew right from wrong actions… But more is going on here to brainwash and individual to change to become so evil in our eyes..
        I scratch my head as to why?..

        This Earth is of a dual nature.. I was reading a book recently about The Kybalion, and the various Laws, One being the of The Mental Universe of which we create..
        In order for us to bring about that compassion and change… then do we then not have to have those incidents in life which allows us to feel such sadness and compassion to the suffering of others.. Its a complex issue… For we can not experience one without the other..
        If we are to raise our vibration to that higher state.. Have we then got to experience this stage within our evolution to grow to that next level..

        Throughout all of history there have been periods of Bloodshed.. Massive wars.. Plagues, great suffering..

        Warmongering it seems we have a thirst for, for we have learnt nothing from the aftermaths of genocide.. And yet how many places across the world have seen such acts where millions have been murdered..

        The more I learn the less I appear to know David.. and all we can do is try to be the change we want to see.. and live our lives in harmony and peace…

        Many thanks for this opportunity to speak with you upon this subject David..
        Wishing you a Peaceful weekend my friend


        • David says:

          Indeed Sue, how are we to appreciate the light if we do not know darkness, but is the light too bright for some who feel they have no alternative than to descend into the darkness? As you say a complex issue and one which I believe we need to start with ourselves and those closest to us. I have no doubt that we will get there! Love David 🙂

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  2. My Dear Friend David,
    Fine, wise words my friend, spoken from the enlightened heart of one who carries love within and helps share the word of peace and compassion.

    I too live in the hope that our world will become at peace so we can live in love and hold compassion in our hearts for all living things. Our job as healers/teachers/sharers of knowledge and as parents and friends is to help people understand the importance of knowing right from wrong, it is then that persons choice how they live their life, and our aim is for them to choose a life of peace and love over one of hatred and destruction.
    Namaste with Love my friend 🙂


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