The much maligned maxim of a need, want or desire which will be answered by the Law of Attraction as it brings what you desire into manifestation is not as easy as it sounds.

The trouble is my friends we are creatures of duality with opposing views, ideas and beliefs cancelling each other out in the mental processes we enjoy however positive we think we are.

We propose a certain course of action or desire with such positive intent that we cannot see how it could possibly fail to manifest almost immediately.

I have to say that this is where the much talked about aspect of consciousness which we have termed mindfulness comes into play, and as we practice the awareness of what is going on outside of us, I believe more importantly it is inside of us in our minds that we begin to root out the tiny but nevertheless highly damaging contrary thoughts to our desires.

It has only to be a thought such as, ‘Oh maybe I’ve set the bar too high’ or ‘Does what I want constitute a miracle?’ or even ‘I doubt if this is possible’. You see the slightest doubt can literally put the mockers on our most fervent wishes, wants and desires. Unfortunately that’s the way we are and without focussed control on our consciousness we can easily slip into the mode of cancellation.

Focussed control must come under the general banner of knowing yourself and that is where mindfulness plays such an important role. It prompts you to ask certain questions of yourself such as who am I, where have I come from and where do I want to go?

In knowing yourself of course there is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of your consciousness to name a few. Under the general heading of the Chakras we have been tutored over the years to accept a certain Eastern view of placement, colour, frequency association, element and when working with the Chakras one of the most important aspect any Guru will tell you is that of cleansing.

But there the similarity ends for they will all have their own ideas taken from their own Gurus and Master over the Centuries and by their titles you can immediately see the Eastern connection. One marvellous mystic assumed the seven major Chakras to be imbued with the seven colours of our rainbow and subsequently associated with our hormonal endocrine glands.

Having been told that the colours do in fact exist no one would admit to not seeing them in case they were thought to be less than their teacher. But let me ask you, ‘Have you ever seen these colours?’

Back to cleansing:
The Base Chakra is the most important since like the foundations of anything all the rest look for their support on the Base. So how do you cleanse a Chakra?

The Base is the first to develop and begins its journey in the womb and continues into life, childhood, adolescence to adulthood and is the sum total of all that you have experienced in your life to date. Therefore in the knowing it is being mindfully focused that you find what has served you, what has gone against you and what has benefitted you to bring you to this present moment.

Knowing that history and bringing it into your conscious mind through focused mindfulness knowing what you have experienced and has brought you to where you are today is the essence of cleansing of the Base Chakra. This is the most important activity in searching your personal record, which no one else can do for you, upon which the second to the seventh Chakras rely!

Therefore contrary to popular misconception manifestation depends totally on you for its achievement, its clarity and its moment.

Do not be dismayed if things do not turn out as you would wish in your time frame. Since time does not exist it may take many moments for things to turn into the manifestation of your favour. Relish every moment with Hanukah & the Angel.


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