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Me & my girls

Me and my girls.
As one with an intense focus, what can I say, that I have for many years been focusing on all the wrong things? How about you? There is one thing that has come into the consciousness fairly recently and that is the gene related conditions that the family seem to share.

Both my daughters lead active lives, one a junior school teacher who passed the Duke of Edinburgh Award while at school, part of which was hiking across Dartmoor in south Devon, England and the other a dancer and teacher of dance.

The first has suffered 4 collapsed lungs, not all at once you understand – no aliens in the family as far as I can tell – but in succession, the second daughter who found asthma at the age of three has just been diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs, which I also suffered and with bouts of bronchitis throughout my life just like my Grandfather, but of course I am not my Grandfather, although as I age it seems more like it on so many fronts!

It would appear that none of us has given sufficient importance to the breath!
My youngest coped with her Asthma through her ballet which was still the predominant diagnosis until they saw the X-ray and realised it was pneumonia. Can you imagine the courage it took to pursue the ballet life with all its strenuous exercises, classes and performances? From a very early age it was her single minded focus with the Bush School, Ballet Rambert and Vienna Festival – even now my mind boggles at her sheer determination!

The eldest married a teacher. They both are subject to such demanding and all consuming careers which take every ounce of strength physically, mentally and emotionally and with the responsibility, in loco parentis, I believe that they are not given sufficient credit for the important job which they do and certainly deserve every penny of their salaries which in my opinion should be much more than the local authorities have been forced to keep low due to the financial crisis.

So, one of the New Year’s resolutions is to focus on the breath from which Well-being has a much better chance of flowing to the rest of the body and mind.

Of course, just to be clear, what is termed Prana in the East is in fact Oxygen and when you realise this, you can understand that the proper inhalation of this most important ingredient for the running of our metabolism at peak efficiency is so necessary and therefore how important proper breathing is for us all.

Most of us take breathing for granted just like the beating of your heart and the fact that we don’t have to concentrate on getting up out of our chair which we do automatically etc., but let me assure you that: as I have said many times in the process of knowing yourself, the conversation which you have with your bodies is probably the most important discussion that you can have to ensure the progression of Well-being throughout your body and mind.

So many of us are so used to rushing to the overworked doctor to request a pill for the slightest discomfort that I believe that if we were to focus more on our selves, understand our bodies and to find out what that slight discomfort means and not to assume it is something worse than it is we would in fact realise our self healing ability.

We, like our doctors are so used to treating symptoms we are just not used to looking for the causes of our aches and pains. When, however you realise that the Spirit shows its unhappiness through the body, since it cannot speak, you may be in a better position to find the cause and remedy it yourself than to rush down to the surgery demanding that ubiquitous pill!

It is said that mankind has made itself weak by allowing the overuse of antibiotics both from the doctor through the dispensing chemists and the farmers who inject their livestock not to cure but as a preventative measure when we should have made ourselves strong by a more judicial approach to their use.

You know what they say: ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’.

There are simple wives tales of common sense wisdom that most discount, in my view are often the focused foundation of a more healthy humanity.
So, know thyself and therefore heal thyself with Hanukah & the Angel.


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