We are taught from an early age to compete.
From nursery school where silver and gold stars are awarded to those who produce the most beautiful drawings, to those who dance most prettily, to those who run the fastest, and the list goes on as we ascend the learning curve and become more and more physical and also mental in our efforts to excel.

Even those who are not endowed with the greatest minds can be awarded athletic scholarships to colleges and universities, going on to become professional players in any number of sports. My Sport was Gymnastics, but otherwise a late learner!

It does seem though that at every age and level of achievement in academies of sciences, classics, arts or sport that we are left very much on our own when it comes to trying to find the essential balance between the physical or mental as against the spiritual side of our consciousnesses.

It also appears as a deep hole of unknowing in the fraternities and curriculums on offer when it comes to the spiritual side of life as against the theological. And in this respect we and our friends do all that we can to try to fill that void of unknowing.

It is unfortunate that there are many misconceptions deliberately designed by the major players in the market to preserve a certain amount of ignorance in their followers, for to know too much would verge on hearsay or heresy!

However, it must be said that contrary to many doctrines out there, whether you believe it or not you are permanently connected to the Lord Logos and that link cannot be broken. With your Free-will you can of course deny it, but the link will remain!

It is of course due to the Soul which exists within you, originally a part of the Logos and therefore cannot be separated from it. You will have heard of the Guardian Angel (GA) which we all have. But to guard from what? Is the obvious question, and the answer is not, as some would have you believe, from any entity or evil intent, but from yourself!

Having released control of this life to the Spirit, which grows from embryo form just like the mind of a child, the Soul becomes the Silent Witness, but if the Spirit should stray from the path the GA is there to nudge it back onto the right way. So in that sense a better term for the GA would be Counsellor.
Don’t you agree?

The Counsellor remains in spirit and is, the best simile I can give, a twin of the Soul which remains within the body until death do them part!

It is as well to understand this relationship when approaching our recommended meeting of the entities of Soul, Spirit and Body in your HPT meditation which we have termed the Trinity which is, in fact, the only Trinity that exists as far as Humanity is concerned.

In this essential conjunction Soul is given the rare opportunity to communicate with Spirit and vice versa and then the Spirit can direct the Body. As has been said by many Masters in the past the Spirit cannot talk, but it can show its unhappiness through the Body, so you can see the close relationship that must exist for this to happen.

It is in this context that the idea of self inflicted pain or physical condition may manifest due to the Spirit making its feelings known and we become acutely aware of the competition which can arise between the Spirit and the Body.

It is because of this aspect of competition that we recommend that the meeting of the Trinity be repeated as often as possible, in order to get any disagreements out of the way leading to a change in the level of consciousness, equivalent to Spirit, and thence to inner happiness due to balance achieved between the spiritual and physical parts of the self with the acquisition of the Soul and of course the Counsellor.

It has been accepted for many moons that Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. Well, you can see the more important part that meditation can play through the Trinity, and Prayer which many see as an asking mode, for me is a thanking operation in gratitude for all that I am gifted.

And when it comes to Prayer it seems that the majority of the human race expect God or the Logos through Prayer to right all the wrongs of mankind, whereas my intention is to open a conversation through Prayer in those HPM Highly Precious Moments reducing the gaps between them to a continuous conversation the more I get better at communicating.
It’s good to talk and talk and talk without saying a word!
With love, from Hanukah & the Angel


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