When at work we all try to do our best to impress our boss and show that we can cope with any situation and exceed his or her expectation. You know how it goes? ‘Under sell and over deliver!’ If you want to get on.
However, there was a time when if things got too tough my advice was to delegate upwards. Rather than my boss’s maxim of, ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’. You’ll be pleased to know I left and set up on my own!

Now just to give you a time frame I retired in 2003 and the period I am reminded of was when I was in charge and would not give anyone a job to do I could or would not do myself.

Of course this was in the sphere of business when I worked for others and then others worked for me and it was at about this time that the day job began to take second place in my list of priorities. I could have done my job standing on my head and the spiritual side which had always been present began to assume a new level of consciousness and importance.

Like many I attended several federations, colleges, seminars and workshops to feed the growing appetite of the Spirit, but soon realised that I was in danger of becoming a spiritual tourist. Amongst the many maxims and affirmations afforded to us was my one time favourite, the one which proclaimed that if things got too difficult then we should delegate upwards, in other words to give all our problems to God or the Lord Logos, but …

Now let me paint you a scenario or two:
If the field needed ploughing, but the weather was too bad, when did you ever see the Logos with his team of shires hauling a plough or driving a tractor?

Or when you and your partner were in danger through disagreement of descending into a domestic argument, or like Abraham with a dagger in hand raised to kill his only son Isaac did you witness the hand of the Logos or the Angel Gabriel come to calm you into compromise.

Tough as it may be for you to take, the challenges that you are set are for you alone to solve and nothing to do with the Logos, for what would be the point of giving you Free-will and then doing it for you when you decided things were too difficult? Would you have learnt anything? I think not! If you find yourself in chaos congratulate yourself!

What we can be sure of is that the Logos is with you 24/7 watching to see how you do cope with anything and everything that becomes a challenge in your life, listening to every prayer and seeing how you listen to your own body, how you listen to everyone else and try to help them, and of course how you listen to the Logos if you have not hung up the phone.

It may sound as if you are very much on your own, but if we press the rewind button for a moment to Gabriel, whether you believe the myth or not: the name is very much a synonym for the many who have dedicated themselves, largely unseen and unheard, to help you all they are permitted to so, to advise should you stray, protect should you wander towards danger and generally help you on your chosen pathway. Of course you can always say NO! And turn a deaf ear and remember there are none so deaf as those who do not want to hear! Take care as this attitude can manifest as a physical impairment.

But again I have to say there is no question of delegation up or down because in the realms that surround us all is equal. It would seem that those in the past have relegated religion and man’s vision of heaven into military hierarchy with military precision and nothing could be further from the truth, despite the fact that it is still preached in those terms by the major religions even today.

When or where did you ever see love come into any order of military merit?

There is only one instance which I can bring to mind and that is the selfless action of one soldier retrieving a wounded comrade in the midst of continuous gunfire at the risk to his own safety, in demonstration of true compassion.

Both, however, had put themselves into that situation of danger to be used as cannon fodder and to be the ones delegated to, just as those rushing to fight for the Islamic State as we speak, some of whom willingly become human bombs believing in their martyrdom, but in fact commit the greatest sin.

Delegation deserves careful consideration and in my view is only valid when you are incapacitated. My wish is that you will remain full of Well-being and able to meet all of your challenges without considering delegation of any kind.
Being a great believer in DIY, I can recommend doing your own thing as best you can. Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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