How often do you hear, ‘Go with the flow’?
Which probably leaves most of us further in the darkness of unknowing since we probably don’t have a clue what that means to our particular quest, life or individual journey at that moment in time, which we will come to later.

By the same token it is important to recognise that any goal that you set for yourself is not important. For whether you reach that goal or not is immaterial since it is the route you take and the journey that you make which is of prime importance. Just don’t set your goals too high!

Or indeed any goal that is set for you should be strongly considered since in the first instance it needs to be converted into your goal before you set out on that journey. Otherwise what possible good can it do if you are trying to reach someone else’s goal?

You will find in life that when you have reached what you consider to be a goal, which you have either set or accepted as your own, another immediately sets itself out before you, proving the maxim that nothing is ever finished!

Again it is up to you to accept or deny that possibility!

One other thing: it’s important to recognise that the journey itself has many connotations. Some of which are physical, some are mental and often emotional, but we should not forget the spiritual aspect of any journey which you undertake.

By which I mean that, as with much mistaken meditation, it is the energy associated with the journey in all its forms which flows through you at all of those levels above which is the moving force for you, for your life and how that impinges on the lives of others, but primarily and often missed the moving force of the Universe.

It is the same as the interpretation of enlightenment:
Most will tell you that Jesus and or Buddha reached enlightenment as the two most well known examples, but it was not a single jump in consciousness which most believe they had reached.

I believe that Enlightenment is in fact a lifelong quest since when one level is reached the next step is laid out before you. It is the same concept of spirituality, meditation or prayer! All of which involve a never ending conversation which begins with a connection often referred to as mergence with the Divine.

True meditation or HPT, which you will find on this blog under that heading or category mentions mergence as the Holy Grail of meditation which was in the minds of men long before Jesus or Jeshua ben Joseph was born.

The Grail is in fact a level of consciousness, just one more step on what has become euphemistically called Ascension which I am sure was, if you like, an anthropomorphic representation of something physical like the impossibility of climbing Jacob’s Ladder to Heaven or building the Tower of Babel.

There is no doubt that it is a raising, not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual or state of the consciousness, mind or Spirit sense. The flow of the Spirit through us is determined by the breath which is why correct breathing is so important and at the beginning of the HPT posts you will find advice on the way to achieve the right way to breathe.

The flow of the breath has many benefits including the physical absorption of the Prana, the internal massage of the essential organs from the correct movement of the diaphragm and lower lungs and the acceptance of spiritual energy, so necessary to balance the growth of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of our selves.

We have to face facts that without spiritual energy, without breath we are dead!
So go with the flow my friends now that you know!
Come Flow with me! Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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