Have you read the portents and the omens that appear
The prophesies and runic rhymes of your local seer?
Astrology or numbers bring us much delight or fear.
So is this the year m’dear? When you spread good cheer?

Resolutions are all too well, but need a little glue,
Consciousness needs action, so it all depends on you!
Change is what’s required to overcome the many few.
So is this the year m’dear? The action year for you?

Predictions have been the cause of writings to conform
We now conform to writings so testaments inform.
What we need are books of truth that will indeed reform!
So is this the year m’dear? When truth becomes the norm?

Is it right to deny a child her joyful, playful childhood?
To marry an old man because the book says he could?
Can one man’s morality, be another’s crime? sure should!
So is this the year m’dear? Children grow to womanhood?

Is it right to make a robe from one cloth sheet to sew
Or to feed the millions with food from seeds you sow?
Divinity did not devise the writings which we know.
So is this the year m’dear? Your heart begins to glow?

The seeds you sow within are the most important yet
And yet this sowing is the one that most forget,
The beauty of the inner growth of peace and of the Spirit.
So is this the year m’dear? Peace spreads like a net?

The strands of peace that link us, link us all together
We are the knots that bring the strands of net into a measure,
The same measure between us shines the light of treasure.
So is this the year m’dear? You light your world with pleasure?
© David Tenneson 2015.


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