I have sat in circles in churches and homes for many years and of course the easiest sitters to concentrate on are those sitting opposite you. The aim in those situations was to find something of benefit for that person or persons. We were there as seekers after truth, looking for answers and trying to enhance our own intuitive links, in order to be of greater help to others as we developed our long lost avenues of connection, our mediumistic abilities if you like, of clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience.

I will not pretend that there was a certain amount of rivalry by some who wished to prove that they were the greatest medium on the planet, but in general our intentions were purely altruistic wanting the best for everyone else and being able to help all in need, whether by being able to answer their many questions of a spiritual nature or in the capacity of a healer for physical or psychological challenges.

In a previous existence on this Earth I was a gifted writer and designer and helped others to build what we considered to be a meeting point that had no potential for rivalry. Yes, I guess you’ve guessed it, the round table!

Now when we look at the news we see the power brokers meeting around circular conference tables which after the philosophy of King Arthur, whether you believe in the myth or legend or not, we would have imagined gave the participants equal rights, but apparently in this day and age and some 1500 plus years later, not so.

We now have a Security Council of the United Nations sitting in a circle which we hoped would be democratic in its deliberations and conclusions, but there is no majority rule here since such an outcome can be denied by the power of one.
The veto system is non-democratic and allows the power to reside where it has always been regardless of the democratic majority!

I believe this Circular Council to be fractured to the point of denial to the detriment of those who matter most, the poor and the power-less who need help more than the power-full who retain it for themselves as they sit in circles like this and the poor are left to continue to suffer alone or en masse!

I am sure that there are those who sit at that table who are compassionate souls whose best efforts are so often thwarted by the denial of that vagrant veto.

It makes me wonder how many more conference circles are set up by the well intentioned whose efforts are dashed by the politicians who seek only to line their own pockets than to help those whom they are supposed to represent.

So often those of like mind will sit adjacent to one another on the same side of a circle and vie with those opposite as we see the original intent of the circle of equality dwindle into power segments, like the sections of a peeled orange exposed from under the peel, supposed to prevent disease but in this case just allows it to continue in all its forms, hidden under the peel of politics!

At least the Mother of Parliaments sits in straight rows opposite each other and bark across the divide, the void in their physical, moral and political differences. Many have tried to merge the so called democratic opposition benches with the circular concept of the round table with varying success, often leading to fisticuffs all over the world in not circles but semi-circles. How did they hope it would work by cutting the circle of equality in half? Well after all we are only human!

It seems that the closer you venture towards these circles of equality the further you find yourself from the compassion of the common man and woman and the closer we seem to get to the school yard as our adult and sophisticated representatives behave more like the disaffected youth who are proving such a problem round the world of today, being brainwashed into believing in a philosophy that offers them purpose. We only have ourselves to blame!

I love circles and marvel at the circular rings inside trees which tell us how old they are and how they fared each year of their existence. The problem is that the tree has to be cut down to tell us their story, but do we really need to do that?

Could we not communicate with the tree to tell us its story in a different way than death and destruction? It seems that man turns round in circles creating and destroying, creating and destroying.

You need only to look at Syria or Gaza right now to see this in action, and we have to ask how long will it take to rebuild them and start the circles all over again? Would you want to return to your home in say Syria which is now a pile of rubble?

We ask these questions in the hopes that someone has the answers to stop us going round in these destructive circles. Hanukah & the Angel


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