Some Old Wives Tales have survived the test of time and are still valid today despite the march of science which tries its best to serve us better than common sense would do.

Exchanges of all kinds exist today:
The old Corn Exchange in my home town of Barnstaple in North Devon, England was turned into the Civic Restaurant in WWII, and after running the finishing lathe making bombs in an old garage for the war effort, my Mum moved on to manage the restaurant to provide a hot meal every day for the impoverished locals at the end and after the war. It’s now the Queens Hall Theatre.

How times change but we seem to be returning to those far off days as exchange takes on new meanings in this economic climate. Charity shops abound and second hand shops of all kinds from clothes, cars and houses with the move onto the Internet with eBay, where people can either buy new or exchange goods for cash and vice versa.

I’ve just heard that the result of cancer research in the USA has come up with the startling discovery that many cancers are down to bad luck, despite the kind of diet and lifestyle exchanges which can help us avoid the proliferation of cancers in our bodies which everyone has. It has even been suggested that the division of cells can cause a cell mutation resulting in the production of cancerous cells.

I find it hard to accept the bad luck story and feel that the mutating cells are down not so much to the division of the DNA going badly wrong as a part of the process as a cell naturally splits, but rather a neglect of the spiritual aspect of ourselves which is not even acknowledged by the majority of us, much less the scientific and medical fraternities.

To ‘know thyself’ at every level and the way in which those levels interact and affect one another is sadly left out of any and every educative curriculum. Sai Baba used to say that what we needed was not education but educare!

The report does not deny the beneficial effect of diet and lifestyle changes including exercise, but of course does not consider the effect of the consciousness on the body. One of my pet themes, I will admit, that there should be far more research into the effect of consciousness on our minds and bodies!

I know of no acknowledgement of the, well, it cannot be called consciousness, but certainly the volition of every one of the trillions of cells in a human body and how they all respond to the Master Consciousness of the Mind.

So the only bad luck as far as I am concerned is that no one pays attention to this avenue of connection and exchange of information from the mind to the body and without the right mental attitude there can indeed be a malformation in the body which could ignorantly be put down to bad luck.

Many of the so called natural regressions of cancers could be due to a radical exchange of ideas and beliefs in the mind, which in turn affect the volition of the cells in the body.

It is acknowledged that we all have cancers, yes, but little veracity is given to the electromagnetic nature of the human body, much less to the viruses, bacterias and tumours created by the magnetic attraction of cancer cells in the body which are naturally attracted to one another.

Unlike the physics of magnets themselves, in terms of human physiology, like does attract like! Viruses are attracted to similar viruses, bacterias are attracted by similar bacterias and cancer cells are attracted to one another. It is a fact and there is no getting away from it.

Sadly when these processes are allowed to progress due to the right environment being provided, eating the wrong foods for your particular body and what it is able to digest, cope with and make beneficial use of, healthy cells are often exchanged for cells which make us sick.

There is no doubt in my mind that body language and attitude are one part of the problem, but the most important part is the exchange of bad ideas and beliefs to healthy, thoughts, ideas and beliefs promoting happiness and Well-being as the greatest and most beneficial way to keep your body healthy.

Whether you believe in mind over matter or not, this is the best exchange to make on the way to health. In the process of ‘knowing thyself’ knowing yourself inside in this way, no matter what you look like or how you behave on the outside, is the most important part of self knowledge. Remember my personal adage:
‘Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom’
So, know yourself with Hanukah & the Angel and stay healthy


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