In the hum-drum daily grinding way
That propels us on each working day
Peace might be a difficult thing to find
When precious gems or gold are mined.

Where is your tranquillity now?
Easy to find they say, but how?
In crowded buses, trams or trains
Whether it snows or hails or rains?

As the secret hides without ties
Anywhere it seems peace lies.
Not without, but here within
Your secret search you can begin.

Each day is a journey from the heart
The recommended place to start.
Heart-mind is a side of Spirit
Free to fly for you to catch it.

So what you need for peace to find
Is to ascend the staircase of the mind
When you’ve reached your secret place
You will stare consciousness in the face.

Be ready to hold to what others call nebulous
At this level consciousness becomes fabulous
Together with mind and Spirit you are at the helm
Prepare to take the wheel and realise this realm.

It’s where you need to be in this true reality
Relish this new incredible opportunity.
No one else can change, this is for you alone
All else is for the rest to resist or condone.

If you try to impose peace on others you may fail
In circumstances you might hear a cheer or wail
But know this: you are at the centre, the beam.
Shine your light and if others follow let them!

Your tranquillity is yours alone to find
You cannot impose on another’s mind.
Whatever fantastic faith you follow
May fly away like a migrating swallow!

Hold fast to the values you hold dear
Peace in your heart-mind, negating all fear
Compassion and love for others will show
The ethics you live by, unmistakably glow!
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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