By Source we interpret the meaning of Allah, God, the Lord Logos or any other manifestation in the minds of those who say they do not believe in God and have their own ideas of deity, some even having written their own Holy Books. Some believe that Nature is a god since it seems to demand a way of being from us in order to present a stable planet.

Something which we have patently ignored no matter to which faith we subscribe. Not that nature is a god but certainly reacts to the way we humans behave! Witness the changing activity of earthquakes, volcanoes and weather patterns around the globe.

All down to the partnership of us and the changing patterns of the one heavenly body that certainly is expanding and therefore affecting us, and that is the Sun.

Otherwise Earth is purely a planet and the way we have tried unsuccessfully to play God by cutting down the ancient forests, genetically modifying seeds, driving kingdoms to extinction, polluting the atmosphere, rivers and the oceans is only proof of our ignorance and the fact that God is a part we cannot play!

It may come as a surprise to some that the Logos or God does not need our prayers! There is a faction that has believed that if we did not pray then the Logos would not exist since it needs our prayers and our love to feel wanted and therefore to be able to expand and to show more love to us.

Why do we keep loading all of our human failings onto the Logos? As if that were possible except in our own small minds!

Much as we might value our own self worth this is completely unfounded since it is based on the theological theory that we are the only life form worthy of a god and that without us what would be the point of one?

To an extent it is also based on our own fear that there may be other life forms out there which could wipe us out at a glance and therefore we need to pray to keep in a god’s good books in order to protect our own security from such an event. Fear rules!

We had to go through the phase of sacrifice didn’t we?

So having been given Free-will to say, ‘I do not believe in God’ or the Logos or whatever we like to call any named Divinity, I suppose those guys would imagine the demise of God. But here’s the thing Guys: God is not His creation He is the Creator! He just is! He does not need your prayers and the words ‘complete’ or ‘perfect’ do not appear in the divine mind since God Is!

The rest is all in a state of becoming.

If we look at ourselves we have to acknowledge that the eternal nature of our Soul is eternal because it is part of the Logos. Our Spirit on the other hand together with our bodies are the only parts of us that need to expand and grow from the embryo state and birth into this or any other world for a life of a certain time and then depart and disappear.

The link between the Logos and our Soul is never broken and the only parts of us needing to expand being Spirit and the body are in that mode of becoming purely for the experience of the Soul itself which is the Silent Witness with no say in the matter.

Why? You may ask, and the purpose is for the Soul to be able to prove through that experience that it is more pure than when it left the Logos and therefore worthy to return.

These are anthropomorphic terms which cannot describe the real reason why the Soul left the Logos in the first place or the value of the experience of a life with no control or say in the way it is governed. All the Soul knows is the start and the finish of a life, but as far as everything else, other than this life is concerned, the Soul knows all!

How could it be otherwise being permanently linked to the Logos?

An expanding Logos or Source, or not, should not concern you or me, better for us to concern ourselves with expanding our love for those who share this planet with us in all forms of life and levels of consciousness.
With expanding Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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