Do I need to say it again, “Thou shalt not kill”?
How is it that in a country, which calls itself a world leader and sets itself up as the vigilante for peace throughout the world, can have 50 or so of its States all at variance with one another on the subject of execution?

With all the thousands of religions, faiths and cults in the land all operating tax free, manifested by the fleets of luxurious cars driven around by their so called prophetic leaders, not one of which would condone killing and yet cannot bringing their considerable influence to bear to ban death rows in US prisons?

The killing of a prisoner rightly or wrongly convicted of crimes, the sentence for which being death, is just another politically correct excuse for murder. Ask any black family with a father or son wrongly accused and convicted having wasted a life behind bars on death row or the family having lost a teenage son to a nervous police officer never having fired his gun in the course of duty before, exonerated and no case to answer!

As I look across the pond my sad, sad view of the American Society is that through endemic racism the once proud country spawned from the brave explorers from Europe, carrying our genes, is already reduced in stature and world reputation, which condemns the killings by the drugs gangs in countries such as Mexico and yet has a network of mainly white police forces, which seem above the laws they are paid to enforce, and kill at will mainly those of a different colour. Please God we are not following in their footsteps as we do in everything else by reflection!

Those of a different colour were brought, against their will, from other continents such as Africa, to act as slave labour for which we in Europe must bear equal blame, which has generated an equally vibrant gene pool which I wish with all my heart would become equally mixed with the white genes, ‘in a great big melting pot’!

So is it just all down to the power of the systemic gun lobby that has eaten its way like a voracious virus into the hearts and minds of a nation so fearful of itself that it has to arm itself from the youngest to the oldest and teaches to kill first and ask questions of the dead? Not to maim so they can answer accusation but to kill. How can you ask questions of the dead?

How will a two year old grow up with the knowledge that he shot his own mother dead with her own gun left in her purse within easy reach in a supermarket trolley?

The police are well trained, so we are informed, and spend their due time on the gun range to hone their marksmanship, as do most Americans. So how is it they always shoot to kill and not to disable? Or is it because it’s just another black person who seems threatening, not to the wider public but to themselves?

Genes are one thing but the founding fathers visions are now sadly clouded by the evolution of a society whose few bright beacons such as Martin Luther King Jr. were as nothing up against the darkness of the greed of those who rose to the top 1% whose tax burden is designed by congress to be less than the whole of the rest of the population especially the poorest and of course mainly black.

Where did you go wrong America? You with greatest responsibility in your position of power which so many of us try to follow and to emulate. You try to keep the peace but only end up bringing home the shell shocked survivors of your campaigns across the world. What of your responsibility to your own people whom you train to shoot to kill and then neglect those who are ordered to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The question has to be asked:
Would it be better for those concerned to make that ultimate gift to the rest of mankind than to come home broken and mentally, emotionally and often physically maimed for the rest of their often shortened lives in a society which purports to care for its veterans but in truth neglects their most urgent needs as they have become impossible to live with, themselves included, unable to get or to hold a job and feel driven to suicide?

“Thou shalt not kill”
The Theatre of War is no Theatre at all and should certainly not be applauded and as the final curtain descends in one country another show opens in another place of pain.

As we follow your lead Mr President we are inevitably drawn into conflicts not of our making but in all Christian conscience feel a responsibility to respond to your lead of the Peace Maker and put our own forces at risk and reap the same unwanted benefits of broken bodies just like you. Is that the way forward?

I do not profess to hold any answers, but I do wish that those who hide behind the cloth and whose religious rhetoric which stirs the anger of the young could be re-educated to a single, gentle message of peace and the true brotherhood of the human race, of whatever faith, having respect for the chosen paths of others to enlightenment, denied by the path which takes us all to war.

Man makes war, man must make peace! Life is precious, death is inevitable and needs no help from man. Learn to Live and Love with Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to LIFE & DEATH

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David ,,, I am deeply moved by this beautiful post … You know that I share your views on this “painful” subject… The world is a melting pot where only the fiercest and more powerful seem to survive… Our human society has not learned a single thing from its History except how to invent more deadly weapons… Education starts at home … but how many homes are broken and how many of us have so little time to thing about the others … I, myself and me ….is that the answer ?
    Humans are cutting the branches of the Tree of Life and wonder where the fruit, the flowers and the leaves have gone.
    We were supposed to be the “intelligent” ones … and we failed so miserably… May G.od forgive us our trespassings for it will be difficult to forgive ourselves.

    Light and Love that’s what we, humans, lack most of.

    Eugene …


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