Orphaned at an early age
Always felt had half my parents due
Stuck together in a tiny cage
War brought freedom to the few.

In the not too distant future
I will return to that o’ercrowded prison
Like the removal of a suture
Seeing it for what it was, with a frisson.

Recalled with malformed memory
But finding truth in stories of stones
Donning spirit’s actual armoury
Impossible to ask the long dead bones.

Clearing the path of autumn leaves
Seeing the way ahead bright and free
Clearing a mind that constantly grieves
Seeing the brain longing to be free.

Half a lifetime half a family appeared
Half brother, half sister, cousins all
All as orphans now branded and seared
We are slowly beginning to recall.

So much seems only half its normal form
The cat has only half its two blue eyes
The land only half its size the law to conform
And yet we manage well with this half size.

Managing and making more than the rest
The others who are whole and yet complain
We revel in our half but wholeheartedness
Our gratitude and thankfulness for every grain.

We’ve found the half outweighs by tons the whole
So be grateful for the halves you own
For they are in fact what makes you whole
See them for their gift of greatness shown.

With lessons learned, you need no more
Accept half-ness or wholeness as your norm
When gratitude o’ercomes the lack of yore
You become whole in spirit and in form.
© David Tenneson 2014.


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Devonian writer
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4 Responses to HALF & WHOLE

  1. What a poignant poem David… I would say you didn’t turn out Half Bad! my friend… Beautifully written.. x Sue


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Hi David .. I will march along with you on the way to wholeness … take my hand as I will take yours ..for we are ..indeed … strangers in Paradise.

    Love and Light.



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