A little light diet after the no doubt, if only slight , over indulgence during the festive season.

You are probably all aware of the children’s card game of Happy Families with
Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss of the various families, played by all ages!
So please forgive the artistic licence exhibited here in using the same format to portray our families as follows:
Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss

So Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Breakfast are the most important family in our community because they have the power to look back at what happened the day before and facilitate a healthy day ahead. That is so long as the whole family responds to Master’s Menu, at the time set by Mum and Dad.

I will give you an example:
Following the Master Menu we start with three kinds of nut including almond – easy for us since we grow them – walnuts and hazelnuts.
The market determines which fruits are available, but for instance we have two constant ingredients, the first being our homemade apple compote, made with turmeric, basil, mint, cumin and aniseed.

The second of course is fresh banana followed by as many fruits as possible such as plum, cherry, pear, Clementine, watermelon, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry etc. I could go on but each has their own season and benefit of vitamins and minerals to bring to the table. If that is not enough roughage for you a sprinkling of All Bran should do the trick! Then the delicious probiotic yogurt lubricant for it to slip down easily with a sprinkle of coconut and cinnamon! Now, your mouth should be watering after only the first of our families.

It’s Coffee Family time and also confession time because immediately after breakfast we have a single cube of dark chocolate with more nuts and the first small cup of black filter coffee. Why the chocolate? Well, selenium amongst others. So coffee time has all but disappeared into All-time and with it comes the addiction to real coffee of the mixed & blended variety. Both guilty!

The coffee is brewed into a thermos jug which remains hot for us to help ourselves throughout the day and enables that finishing cup after further family gets together during the day.

Mum and Dad Lunch follow the Master in the menu which includes fermented foods including dill pickles with local olives, multi cereal wholemeal breads, proteins which each of our bodies can tolerate washed down with a small glass of Rioja red wine, followed by an occasional small pudding.

Here’s where Miss Lunch comes into-her-own:
The body and Spirit tend to get used to routine and to upset the routine on no regular but ad hoc basis has a much greater effect than any regimen or dietary fast on say a certain day. You see, just to Miss Lunch, when you feel like it, has a greater potential to rest the digestive process and/or lose weight than a painful fast which would exclude all of the families together and make you unhappy!

Mr and Mrs Tea tend to be on their own for when the Vicar calls or friends drop by for a splash of the green, black or herbal and this family enjoys the occasional cookie with no ill effect due to the wonderful results of the actions of Miss Lunch.

The Dinner family give free reign to each of us to exercise our individual culinary skills from poached salmon, homemade curry and chilli, cheese omelettes with mushrooms and asparagus to the glorious apple compote and everything traditional including puddings such as sherry trifle and chocolate mousse. With another small glass of the red and sneaking the last of the coffee!

The Supper family have all but been consigned to oblivion except on rare late night returns but made up for by the exchange at which Mr and Mrs Breakfast excel when that healthy meal outlined above is changed on a Sunday for homemade wholemeal pancakes with the choice of lemon juice, maple syrup, strawberry jam, agave syrup or apple compote (Can’t get away from its delicious attraction!).

That just about completes the week of families and introduces you to our community of Food Planner Families who all say, ‘Hi!’
Enjoy whatever makes you feel good, healthy and happy as a family!
Love and a bit of fun from Hanukah & the Angel 


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3 Responses to HAPPY FAMILIES.

  1. Ooooooh can I please please come for the day…. I love Happy Families 🙂 meal time..
    I can see where your culinary chef skills come in handy.. and your evening meals sound a delight.
    My Mrs morning started off with a Healthy home made smoothie… Banana, Apple, Celery, Spinach and coconut milk, with some goji berries thrown in.. Lunch was a salad sandwich and greek yoghurt with home made small bakewell tart.. ( in a bun tin )
    Dinner will be the rest of the stew from yesterday poured into a large made Yorkshire pudding.. 🙂

    Thank you for that delight David.. enjoy your wine with your meal and have a great weekend both of you..


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