In an ever shrinking world the opportunities to look out of your window and say, ‘I am the owner of all I survey’, are fewer and fewer and absolute monarchs become less and less as we all realise that ownership is not by inheritance or force of arms. May the Arab Spring finally achieve its aim!

In fact I believe that mankind got the wrong end of the stick from the very beginning even in his animal man, sub-human or instinctive state because ownership of any part of the planet is not a real estate at all, since we were meant to be caretakers not owners.

The term Warden appears more and more as we recognise the beauty and importance of wilderness, deserts of all temperatures and game reserves in the preservation of species which we in this present moment and our ancestors in the past have driven to extinction.

I do not believe in ownership but I do believe in gratitude for all that I am blessed to care for during my time of office as warden of all I survey. This goes not only for our own little patch but the close countryside and the wider world around us.
I confess to carrying a towering torch for trees which I love of all species and like nothing better than a walk in the woods with as many cuddles with as many deciduous and coniferous kinds as possible.

I can relate so well to the hunter gatherer phase of mankind, owing nothing, just being so grateful for the gifts of nature from the hazel nut to the humble blackberry and all in between and then in due course granny’s rabbit stew with all the root vegetables and herbs straight from the garden.

I can recommend the listing of all that you are grateful for. If you can do this on a daily basis you begin to realise that you have so much and your sense of gratitude expands to encompass virtually everything that you see becoming part of your own personal vision in other words ‘all that you survey’. Not owning but being grateful for its being!

As your sense of gratitude grows your consciousness begins to reach new levels of Well-being within, bringing a new sense of mental and emotional empathy with yourself and others along with equivalent physical feelings of health and happiness.

Here’s a trick I learnt some time ago: If you don’t feel grateful for something or someone then make them grateful for you. You can do this for plants or animals or even people. How great is that? Especially when you see the gratitude turn full circle in response to your compassion.

Mind you a lot comes down to your own perception. We often make our minds up about a person we meet by the expression on their face which may have absolutely nothing to do with how they are inside.

Some of us are dead clever at summing people up, but for me I prefer to wait until I get to know folks giving them the benefit of the doubt from the very start and see how they develop in my vision in response to me. Little by little is the way that works for me!

Another little trick which seldom fails especially when meeting people for the first time and that is to give. You’ll be surprised what is returned to you!

No one has the right to own anyone else, no one has the right to judge anyone else, but everyone has the right to love everyone else.
With Love Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to THE OWNER

  1. My sentiments entirely my friend…No one has the right to judge others or to own any part of our lands for we are just custodians of God here on mother earth for a short period of time. If only everyone could experience the hunter gatherer, self sustainable lifestyle even for a short while, I think it would make our perceptions change and our world a happier, more friendly place to live 🙂
    P.S, I’m still building the Ark 🙂
    Namaste with Love


  2. David… such an excellent post.. In love and Gratitude my friend.. we are indeed all of us Wardens upon this realm… No one owns anything not really… We come and we leave with nothing. only that which we have gathered within our hearts do we take to keep as we grow and expand with the Universe..

    Blessings and have a wonderful week..
    Sue xox


    • David says:

      Many thanks Sue, we are wardens without uniforms we just know our quest, our task and our responsibility, may the whole of humanity join us in our sacred work. Love David

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