Suicide is the greatest sin you can commit.
A sin to the Lord Logos
A sin to the Soul
A sin to the Self.

Like a deathly dice suicide has several sides with only one saving grace
But the first and final form is the death decided in desperation.
When nobody cares, nobody hears, nobody shows their love
And you are left bereft of feeling, and full of emptiness.
No other option open.

Second, in the theatre of war when a bullet has your name on it
You are still alone and fearful.
Your untimely death or suicide is committed against you
By the one who fires the gun,
Both are guilty of the sin.

Third, is attempted suicide.
Again in solitude that no one should stop the scream
Which no one has heard, no one has seen the sadness
Until this calamitous calendar of calling
Calling for help, showing your unhappiness.

Fourth, is assisted suicide,
Where the scenario is decidedly different.
From the fear, sadness and solitude of singular suicide,
This unbearable pain and no quality of life
Have but the one end of inevitable, agonising death.

You are surrounded by those who care,
Those who love and cannot bear to see you suffer any more.
All dignity lost and feeling like a burden
Your pain complete
This is compassion in loving company.

In unconditional grace you are never alone
From both sides of the fragile veil of light
This suicide is seen as saving grace
When suicide is painless
When suicide is sinless.
© David Tenneson 2014.


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