I have the feeling that I have been here before and hope that I am not lying to you or to myself and of course that is down to memory which I did write about in the recent past! Didn’t I?

We know that many like to get what they want, whether it is simply to get their own way or to fabricate their qualifications just to get the job they want, but how often do we lie with the best of intentions?

So I have a question for you: Can you put hand on heart and say that you know someone who is totally honest?

I doubt it and since lying seems to spread across the void of telling fibs or little white lies to a barrage of untruths that have the potential to start a battle or even a full blown war, I believe that we need to look more carefully at this phenomenon.

Honesty is not just about lying, but since childhood can you say you have never taken anything that was not yours, like pinching your friends pencil, a paper clip from the office or an extra doughnut beyond the allowance at the café where you worked?

In the wider field of relationships most of us would do anything to keep the peace or the status quo to prevent friction or arguments of any kind, and in order to achieve that it might just involve us telling a few white lies don’t you think?

I am sure you can see that, apart from those whom we all know who would do anything to condemn, denigrate and put down anyone just to put themselves above everyone else, or even those who seem to be unable to stop lying about everything, most motives are of the kind to keep the peace. Wouldn’t you say?

I am also sure that we have all told not quite the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, unless perhaps in the witness box with Bible in hand, so as not to hurt the feelings of others. Even then some are not averse to giving false testimony either for their own ends or bribed to do so!

And here’s the rub since I’m pretty sure that we are all guilty of this common human failing it must be incumbent upon us all, since most of us would not want to hurt others, to look beyond the obvious lies to the feelings that promoted them.

This goes for the less obvious fibs and steals that only come to light later when in hindsight we need to look carefully at the motives, intentions and feelings of others. Oh, and ourselves of course!

Since it is well known that the truth hurts it is said that there are ways of telling the truth in kind and gentle ways so as not to upset anyone. But try doing that in the most gentle and understanding way and you could be in for a shock.

In my experience it could be years later that we realise that those who seemed at the time to lie, cheat and steal from us were the ones who were needed at that moment in time to steer us back on to the pathway, from which we had temporarily fallen and needed that kind of shock to wake us up and bring us back to where we needed to be.

This kind of realisation takes a good deal of heart searching in the process which, I know, we keep harping on about knowing ourselves! But how else can we really understand without this kind if inner analysis to understand and truly know who we are.

Having spoken about decision making and resolutions it is an ideal time in the first month of this New Year to come to this kind of realisation about ourselves and about others as we look forward to making this a better year than ever before.

Understanding and respect for others and the common ways that make us all tick can only aid us in our common cause to become one human family.

I know that we all at various times and anniversaries pray for peace, but I have to say why? Do we all really imagine that God, the Lord Logos is going to negate the Free-will of everyone else except those in prayer and make the world at peace?

It does not work like that unless your prayers are directed at each other, in your family, in your street, in your town, in your country first, you could be wasting your breath.

As a start stop lying to one another, try to be honest in everything you say and do, and I know it is a long stretch, but try also to elect honest politicians free of corruption!

“If I can tell the truth and not lie” was a saying from three generations back which I believe should be printed on the cover of every exercise book used in every school by every pupil! If we could instil the feelings of honesty in every child what a different generation we would produce for the future Well-being of humanity.
In Truth and Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to LYING

  1. Words of wisdom again dear David.. Some just do not wish to hear the Truth. And often many habitually lie…. or exaggerate the Truth..
    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts..
    Have a wonderful weekend x Sue


    • David says:

      Amazingly we are all different, we are unique, but sadly dear Sue we seem to see truth like a kaleidoscope of different colours as many as us humans since we all have our own versions! Will Oneness brings all to the same view? I hope so. Love, david


  2. eugene1492 says:

    As usual a GRAND PIECE of philosophy and analysis of human behaviour.

    It is true that LIES, white or of other colours, seem to be part of our cultures.
    Is telling the Truth and nothing but the Truth so difficult then ?. We don’t want to offend others, we say, and we lie to them. How does that rhyme ?

    Why is it that we feel offended when told the truth ? By the way, do we go to the therapists hoping they will lie to us ? I Hope not, but still we say : ” Tell me all of the truth ” ( but meaning : ONLY IF I want to hear it ? ).

    Life on Earth is complicated because we are all different; no one has been baked in the same mould.
    For not even the legendary twins nor siblings educated by the same parents are totally identical what their behaviour is concerned . Each individual is an individualistic being ( sorry for the redundancy ). We all know that truth, but still we act as if it were different and think we know the others well, while we seldom know ourselves more than superficially.

    If what I write and feel is an untruth … then I am sure there would be no need to have so many psychologists and even psychiatrists to disentangle our troubled personalities .

    Thank you, David, once again, for sharing this truth with all of us and permitting us henceforth to better ourselves while we understanding why we react in a certain way.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read you.



    • David says:

      Many thanks Mr V for your appreciation of the problem which we all share. One day who knows? Maybe we will be able to share the truth and the whole truth. Love, David


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