Are you one of those unlucky people who like me used to fail every time in receiving compliments. I remember I used to shrug my shoulders in surprise as if the compliment had no worth or just giggle in embarrassment.

Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing and often with consequences, but so necessary when trying to find out who you really are and to know yourself totally.

One of the things that often comes out is that we need to look very carefully at our feelings to find our true beliefs and despite our natural protestations to the contrary we can easily feel unworthy.

I have to say that it took me a long time to learn how to accept a compliment due always in my youth to being told my opinion did not matter, it was invariably wrong or that others knew best.

In my experience feeling unworthy of so many aspects of life or others in our lives is one of the hardest personal barriers to overcome.

We can even inflict upon ourselves conditions which others will rush to cure or at least attend to in order to allow us to feel worthy of their love, attention and care once again. They of course think we are genuinely in pain, and so we may be, but what they will not realise is that the pain is self inflicted.

You know there is a famous saying:
‘There are none so deaf as those who do not want to hear!’

Many of us can even hide the reasons from ourselves and would certainly not subscribe to the notion that anything was self inflicted. That includes anything from a simple pain, which may not be what it seems, from not wanting to do something, as above the pain that encourages others to care for us and even a life threatening condition.

The trouble is that many of us have still not learnt how to accept!
From accepting a set of circumstances that prevent us from doing what we want to do in the physical world and culture in which we live, a simple spiritual truth to a generous compliment.

There is a lot to be said for acceptance.
Conversely pitting yourself against the status quo over which you have no control, to the gift of life itself and the existence of a power higher than ourselves to the love, care and compliments of others gets you nowhere at all. It just fills you full of angst, disappointment or hatred.

Accepting on the other hand allows a level of consciousness to exist within you, which I can best explain as Gratitude, to alter your whole outlook on life.

Most of us, and I am no exception, go through life believing that there must be something that I need to do! Some were told when young that they were lazy and others just have an inherent longing to be of service or just to help others.

In truth we tend to forget what I love to call, “The Prime Directive” that we must always try our utmost to be happy!

I have never understood how the medical profession insists on fighting disease in concentrating on symptoms without getting to the root cause, and I use the term advisedly since the whole of the energy system of the body relies on a balanced, strong and stable root or Base Chakra upon which the other six or the rest rely.

Fighting gets you nowhere at all, no one wins except the ones who provide the ammunition whether it be fierce argument, drugs or bullets. As we know there are those who believe that winning is all that matters at any cost.

But it depends on your level of consciousness as to how you win and I believe that the only way to win is in acceptance of the journey and gratitude for the experience bringing you to the level of conscious happiness.
With Love from Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to RECEIVING MODE

  1. David.. I spent a few years in my youth feeling ‘Unworthy’ as I suffered a state of depression.. and again when I had a nervous breakdown.. I was offered Pills on both occasions supposedly to ‘Lift me from my low mood.’,, But they only served to numb my mind even further..

    So it was that I sort to seek out ways to lift myself.. And no pills can get to the cause of our illness, as you rightly point out.. they only ‘Do battle’ with the symptoms and then often leave you with many more, so more pills need to be swallowed..

    That is why I so love Deepak Chopra and others like him.. who take us on the journey to look within.. and to learn to value self.. When we treat our bodies and minds better we then feel better our health improves.
    I know through my own journey of being a Hands on Spiritual Healer.. no amount of my channelling energy can help, if the person is blocking his/her energy to receive it.. So many revel in their woe is me.. and illnesses..
    I would often try to alter their mind set. but what we give out is often what we receive in return..

    Blessings for a beautiful New Week David.. and thank you for your wonderful comment.. I will be getting around to answering them shortly.. 🙂


  2. eugene1492 says:

    But it depends on your level of consciousness as to how you win and I believe that the only way to win is in acceptance of the journey and gratitude for the experience bringing you to the level of conscious happiness.

    How very true that sounds in my ears, dear David, no the end does not excuse the means .. or something like that… to win at any price .. is not a good theory … for stepping on other people’s corpses to reach the top cannot be a good way to get fulfilment.
    Love and its conscious acceptance is the ONLY way, at least for me, to reach happiness.

    Thank you for putting words on feelings that we often try to disguise or simply forget … they are there and we should deal with them for otherwise we will never be totally content.
    If we are wrong we have to change our ways and our understanding of it , there is no alternative.
    Let’s walk hand in hand towards the goals we know or think we should reach… and opening the eyes of our souls .. try to be happy.

    With love and much light.



    • David says:

      Yes dear Eugene, hand in hand looking and walking in the same direction towards peace and happiness following the bright pathway that opens as we open our eyes to the true reality allowing the Soul to shine forth. Love, David


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