The frequent look, the glance, the oft seen sight
Does your perception see a slanting slight
How do you return such supposed fright?

Easy to become intimidated
Learn to look beyond the face so fated
See the face as your mirror created.

Choose to return that other face so grim
With your own face, the blessing of a grin
And look beyond to see a change within.

It’s a fact expression can start a war
When fearful you can mistake a glower
That can often hide its owner’s fear.

Living together finds feelings of peace
But oft used phrases that are meant the least
Instead of peace brings a brow acreased.

We can only ease the frown with respect
Each one with the right to be circumspect
Hold the hand of friendship and banish neglect.

Replacing fear with your own loving touch
To soften eyes and broaden smiles so much
You are the missionaries of peace as such.

You are one of the many, many few
Spreading your light around the world anew
No secret, all along I know you knew.
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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5 Responses to PEA-CEP-TION

  1. Earth Angel says:

    Beautiful David I especially like “replacing fear with your own loving touch” Glad I found your blog through the other “David” I follow in light and love…. Yes to us all connecting in the light. Much love Robyn


  2. Beautiful poem David.. Keep spreading your Light my friend .. Lets make 2015 all the Brighter.. x


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