Some of us have the confidence to make decisions come what may and if you look around you, you will probably find that these are the people who get on in life and maintain a degree of happiness in whatever they do.

The rest of us are often reluctant to make decisions because we are scared that they will be the wrong decisions and therefore cause harm either to ourselves or to others or indeed to make us look fools! It involves an erroneous consideration that we are saving both ourselves and others from unnecessary harm.

Let’s be honest there is only one decision that could possibly be the wrong decision and that is to make no decision at all!

In short it puts you in the unenviable state of the wilderness of thought not knowing which way to turn. Remember that the centre of thought is the three eyes which include your physical eyes and also the third eye which means that while in the wilderness you have become blind to the way forward because you are unwilling to see which way to go.

In the process of decision making too many of us imagine that once a decision is made it’s engraved in granite, whereas in truth every decision made is taken with the opportunity to manipulate, change and improve as it develops.

Like everything else in this life nothing is static and that includes decisions, and on this Thursday, the first day of a New Year, I hope that you have made your resolutions which let’s face it are not exactly decisions, but attempts to improve ourselves in the coming twelve months.

We decided long ago that to make certain decisions would be pointless!
Like what meals to cook on each day of the week simply because our appetites, climatic conditions and unexpected arrivals change our needs on a daily basis.

Similarly to shop on a certain day may sound good, a week in advance, but when the day produces a huge thunder storm with torrential rain and the nearest shop is 20 km away it is sensible to delay the adventure to the supermarket until the following day and no harm done. You see how decisions are fluid enough to change even in a deluge. Unless of course you are lucky enough to rely on paid deliveries, when some poor delivery man or woman gets a soaking!

Even if we have run out of something it is no problem for us to do without for a day and in fact probably does us more good to accompany that simple lack with a fast from every point of view for that day. You see, it’s called taking advantage of a situation and making it right for you! (In fact the unexpected fast is the best way to fool the body into maintaining the weight you want – if that is one of your goals!)

This simple maxim is the right model to apply to every decision you make, that has other considerations placed upon it from outside. In every situation it is easy and certainly the right thing to do to make it right for you, taking advantage, to make it yours to conform to the decision which you made and to bring your vibration into line with the changing conditions. The whole situation then changes and becomes aligned to your decision, your vibration and your happiness.

Look at the forthcoming year in this light: You don’t have to take all of your decisions on this the first day, but as each week and each month passes review where you are and how you have been able to accommodate your resolutions.

There are a vast number of options available to you in decision making any one of which would serve you very well, knowing that each one is malleable to suit changing conditions of the climate, seasons, work and relationships.

We are in that enviable state where unlike those who have to work in the conventional form of five or six days a week, with hopefully a day or two off at the weekend, which for us in retirement has faded into oblivion and only resumes any importance when the children and grandchildren come to visit, or working friends drop by.

But these are the kind of delightful outside influences which contribute to our changing decision making processes, prompting postponement of the Sunday roast which becomes a barbecue for all to enjoy.

Unless of course that thunderous climate change condemns us to stay indoors, when the Sunday roast resumes its rightful place in the calendar! With broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in the colander, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of Granddad’s gravy.

If you can apply the same kind of delight in the changes, which you in the past may have seen as impositions to your decisions, but which as you see now, in reality are necessary variations to your vibrations to make everything your own, you will rise through the levels of consciousness into the eternal level of conscious happiness.

If you have difficulty in seeing the delight then try to recall something that brings you remembrance of joy and apply it to the present circumstance – I can vouch for the fact that it works!

With Love from Hanukah & the Angel and thank you for following us in the past as we look forward to your decision to follow and correspond with us in the coming year of 2015.


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  1. Let us hope as we enter a Brand New Year David we can make the correct choices and those whose decisions affect all of us.. Let us pray they make the correct ones also.

    Wishing you and Yours a Very Happy New Year..
    Blessings sent your ways


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