Under the guise of the one the cobbler threw at his wife.
It’s at times like this that we tend to review our life!
Another year has passed and despite our best efforts and prayers
No nearer to world peace and I wonder how personal peace fares?

Do frustration, anger and hate still rear their triple heads
At the slightest chance like Cerberus guarding Hell’s dead
Do we still allow those malicious mental bars to mindfulness
Bar the way to prayers for peace, gentle thoughts and kindliness?

In these last hours of a dying year let us look forward
To no more following the herd and acting like a coward
Let us be bold, look within and say what is in our hearts
Sharing all the good things, thoughts and feeling parts.

The belief in ourselves as children of the Source and Master
Able to bring this devastated world back from disaster
Let us pledge now before we make our personal resolutions
To work towards a New World sharing our compassions.

Each of us is blessed whether we know, acknowledge it or not
With the capacity to heal from the light within our top knot
Not only thought it takes action to bring our gift to bear,
Healing begins at home, next door and spreads to share.

Pledge yourself to be the one to instigate the change
Make New Year ahead a year we’re proud to’ve changed
You are the instruments without which the world is nought
Make sure you’re on the list of names of those who fought.

‘Make love not war’, a saying from my youth, as relevant today
Make sure you act in setting things to rights, come what may.
This is your time, where age is of no consequence at all
Remember if you want change it’s up to you, it’s your call!

Remember also that change without must begin within
World change has to begin inside, in your locality. Begin!
Gather your courage, polish your breastplate of love.
To help us in our battles call upon the legions from above!
© David Tenneson 2014.
Love David


About David

Devonian writer
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