Some reading to help a little with your resolutions on New Years Day.
No Common Law, Act of Parliament or Petition to seek protection for the people, in fact nothing, not even any thought of any man since the beginning of time, if there was such a moment in the birth of Mother Space at, it has to be said, the insistence of the misguided midwife mankind, once the capacity consciously to create was received and we invented Time, the child of Space has there been such a Law! A Law that is not easy to understand in our anthropomorphic langauages!

No! The Automatic Law, the Law of Attraction, spoken of by Channels and Masters walking the Earth in the past and as we speak, has provided mankind since the beginning of Time with yet another weapon in its armoury of Hope.

As the power of superstition hopefully dwindles: In the face of science, which is going viral across the world, with the possibility to educate rather than to leave the masses in the mire of misinformation and unknowing of the past, through the power of social media, U-tube and the Internet. That is, if we can rely on our choice of veracity in all its volumes of data there may be hope for us yet!

So you amongst all the rest are no doubt aware now of the Law actioned by no judge or jury nor enforced by any police force, but solely by you in response to the frequency of your own frantic thoughts. Not the number you understand, but the actual vibration of your particular thought to which the Law can only respond at exactly the same frequency.

The common query that comes back to us is: ‘Having thought long and hard about a particular desire, wish or want, why doesn’t it happen?’ Followed quite naturally by, ‘So is the Law of Attraction actually real?’

Answer: Yes it is, but the point to note is that the Law can only respond to exactly the same frequency which you send out, and remember this is the vibration of your thought or thoughts, which need to be synchronised into a single vibration in a constant direction with no ifs, ands or buts.

Now can you segregate every thought and align them all into for and against your desire?

You may be quite clever at assembling all of your positive thoughts, wishes and affirmations for a particular passion, but how about the naughty negative nonsense that percolates round your consciousness tending to negate and upset your original and granted mainly positive ideas and desires, even those as laudable as for world peace?

Remember the response of the Law is exactly the same as your own vibration, so if you have messed up just a tiny bit with one doubt that it could possibly happen, what do you think that will do to the vibration which is received by the Law?
How therefore can it respond as you would wish positively to your desire?

Just to pick up on world peace for a moment: My faith in prayer I admit is shaken due exactly to those cautions outlined above. So many ride into war with the banners of saints and prophets in the forefront calling the name of God, as if their proposal to kill was righteous, but God does not condone war and does not act for anyone when sitting at a round table conference on peace.

But let me say that every prayer is heard and listened to, because despite what we have all no doubt been brought up to believe, prayer is not a one way traffic but actually a conversation. Are you listening?

Peace is down to mankind to make. Peace is not only a personal but a Planet wide pursuit and nothing to do with God, Allah or the Lord Logos, however much we may call on any of them by any name, who are in fact One.

It is fair to say that despite my misgivings, through my upbringing and culture and being a creature of habit, I still pray and like the Law of Attraction whether I get it right or not it gives me something, without which, I was once and for many years refusing, but thankfully accepting help of a different kind which brought me out of the trough of despair and depression and was given Hope, the very thing that Prayer and the Law provide if recognised, and yes! I have my earphones on!

It is said that practice makes perfect and although I do not believe in perfection I will continue to practice prayer and mindfulness in the hope that one day I will get my mind in order so that the Law will respond to the way in which I can further my own purpose during this time round, responding to the needs of others.

You see like the conversation of prayer the L of A does not stop with you but needs you to pass on and communicate with everyone you meet. How else would it have a chance to work? Sharing that vibration is the way to allow it to work.

There is however one more proviso: The Law would not respond to your desire if it would contravene your highest good, cause harm to others or negate their own Free-will, so as always be careful what you ask for!

I am told that I have an intense focus and when concentrating on something I can be shut off from the rest of the world. However, being single minded is something else as I am constantly being asked, ‘what are you thinking about?’ as others can virtually hear my thoughts and with a glazed look it appears as if I am away with the fairies! And there are many of them each with their own story to tell, remind or inspire as they flit through my consciousness. I love it, but others might find it just a little insular and perhaps disconcerting! How about you?

There is a moment when upon waking, before anything else, and I have been told many times that one can meditate anywhere at any time, this waking moment to me at whatever time, is a special moment which I try to repeat throughout the day when I connect with the Source, the Lord Logos as I prefer to say. It has become something other than simple meditation or HPT and has become HPM or Highly Precious Moments which I can recommend. So the conversation continues!

It is said that the Source or Lord Logos is forever with us, each and every one of us, every minute 24/7 so it is down to us to replicate, multiply or simply to repeat HPM as often as we mindfully can. It has been said and indeed I remember saying that the Holy Grail of HPT Meditation is mergence with the Divine which as you see is up to you 24/7. Why? Simply because the Source is there waiting for you!

So, I take this opportunity to thank all those who make the time to follow and to read my humble thoughts, past, present and future and to those without whose inspirations I would find this phase of my purpose practically impossible, and I look forward to the following phases as they unfold in glorious conversation.
May the Lord Logos bless you all.
With Love and thanks, Hanukah & the Angel.


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3 Responses to AUTOMATIC LAW

  1. David it is always a pleasure to read your posts and thoughts my friend.. and this one is no exception..
    I totally embrace the Universal Laws.. and have written upon them within my past posts.. and as you so rightly observe..”Peace is down to mankind to make”,,, Full stop..
    It all starts from within .. Yet it seems Man is always in some confrontation even with himself.. But Like you I pray David.. oh How I pray… that we can open our eyes to see the truth of our existence and the error of our ways.

    Love and Blessings.. I wish you a wonderful NEW YEAR.. full of more enlightened moments and I hope you can realise your own law of attraction as you embrace your new goal to set up a new home..
    Happy New Year.. Sue ❤


    • David says:

      Thank you so much Sue, dare I say we must have come from similar moulds? Bless you in your creative ministry and may 2015 be your year too. With regards and love to you and all your family. Love, David 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes David, we seem to have followed similar paths within our Spiritual journey.. Both joining the Spiritualist Church.. And I spent many a year as secretary and treasurer while hubby was deputy head president.. I know we both followed he healing route too Me with the SNU and you with the Federation of healers..
        And Now we blog.. 🙂
        Happy New Year to you and your Partner … And may it bring to fruition our hope for the world along with our Dreams for the future..
        Hugs and Love Sue ❤


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