A sunny Sunday, but such an unseasonal strong, cold wind from the North West … so unkind it finds its way right through the layers to the bones, but not so unkind as man’s inhumanity.

No matter how many are murdered every day at the hands of the inhuman few, I do not understand the commentators, journalists and politicians who are invariably appalled at the number killed, but add ‘for no good reason’!

What reason could there be for the unnatural death of one not counting the number of many hundreds of men women and children murdered on a daily basis in so many countries of this fractured world?

I prayed and wished the antichrist be taken away.
The answer I got was that the antichrist is here with us within many of us in the evil that exists, like it or not, in the minds of men! For no good reason?

For there is no outside source which men have named the Devil, Satan, or Lucifer to name a few, but in fact of course Lucifer was the bringer of light and has been referred to as the multicoloured Angel, the bringer of light in all its colours before falling from grace.

Of course the only one who fell from grace, which in itself is an erroneous term since it is impossible, if anyone is man! But we, sure as eggs is eggs, got the message wrong along the way of evolution, using our supreme gift of Free-will to the worst possible effect, despite the fact that the grace is with us continuously if we only recognise it, instead of denying it.

As far as Cause and Effect are concerned we, mankind, are the cause of all of the strife, war and murders perpetrated against our own kind. In which context the North West Wind does not feel so unkind!

It is said that religion is the cause of all wars, but I feel that it is not the cause but the excuse since it is man who will find any excuse to go out and kill their neighbour just to steal their land and property.

There is no reason to kill. A contract was unwritten before the advent of man that the animal kingdom would sacrifice itself to feed mankind, but of course we, yet again, overstepped the mark and slaughtered the thousands and still continue to do so, killing far more than we need to stay alive.

We still superstitiously imagine that a horn, fin or tusk will endow us with strength, love and healing, negating our role as carers of the earth, disregarding all contracts and I wonder if anyone else is aware of the feeling which I pick up from the many slaughtered species, that they are no longer wanted here anymore?

Simply put the dictionary specifies Inhuman as: barbarous: cruel: unfeeling.

Despite the efforts of the fabulous few to save endangered species in the oceans, on the land and in the air, I have the sad feeling that when the time has come for a species to depart, regardless of the cause, just like the rest of us whose departure cannot be avoided, there is nothing to do but just to depart to another life, maybe another world, another galaxy and I feel most certainly another life form, if a return to Earth is not on the cards.

We are different from all of the other life forms who share this planet with us in that we are part of the Divine, having within us an eternal Soul. Does that incredible gift not demand a sense of responsibility on us all to treat others, of whatever kingdom, as we would wish to be treated ourselves?

Love and kindness seem to be disappearing from our vocabularies the most we get these days is, ‘Bless you’ and I wonder if most of us understand what that really means. Well, I suppose it’s a start!

It is a saddening fact that inhumanity seems to monopolise the news these days and the most worrying fact for me is that the young seem to be most at risk of being allowed to show the ugly side of their characters with no regard to the safety, friendship or love of others from the school yard to the boardroom.

What kind of legacy will you personally leave behind when you finally depart this life? Has your life this time round been all about you regardless of the rest? The Prime Directive invokes us all to find happiness regardless of the opinions of others, therefore the line of balance is fine indeed.

We are, however, I believe required to become aware of the presence, to be constant in our connection with the Source of the Lord Logos creating our own Vortex of vibration in HPM, enabling us to grant the same gift of grace to all whom we meet with the purpose of removing, by beginning with ourselves, the thought of inhumanity from the minds of all.
With Peace, Kindness and Love to all in our hearts, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to INHUMANITY

  1. “It is said that religion is the cause of all wars, but I feel that it is not the cause but the excuse since it is man who will find any excuse to go out and kill their neighbour just to steal their land and property.”,,,,,,,,,
    Agreed with all of your thoughts here David.. Yes until WE stop our judgements and hatred of one another, until WE begin to embrace compassion, forgiveness, and Love.. And treat our families and neighbours with kindness.. and Care about each other and the Earth.. Its seems Free Will has a lot to answer for..
    And I agree with your reply to Eugene… animals indeed seem to appreciate love more than humans do,,,

    I am only too pleased I am within the sphere of my lifespan now, and worry about what the future holds for such as my four year old granddaughter..
    I see her little spirit is strong and determined.. as I note many of her age now are.. I think they may well have to call upon their strength and grit as they grow in our so called modern day world..
    Great post David.


    • David says:

      I agree completely Sue and it is the grandchildren who I believe hold the keys to peace. Please God we are right. Not that we want to burden them with our problems, but they are the ones whose Soul/Spirit connection may hold the answers. Love, David


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Yes, indeed, David, man has misunderstood what “free-will” really means. Humans are using their power indiscriminately whether on their fellowman or on Nature Kingdom’s creatures.

    We all say ” I love …” but fail to understand what the use of this verb really entails. Do we “love” because,in fact we “like” which we are prompt to change in ” I like not” ?

    To love is not an idea to utter lightly .. for it encompasses so much more .. it really signifies that we are responsible for .. and that we are supposed to know what we are saying. No,the word Love should never be used uncarefully for it implies empathy, sympathy and so much more.

    Unfortunately only romance and the gossip that proceeds from it is marketable. Grief, pain, crime and other “goodies” are so much more in demand. You don’t believe me ?
    Well, turn on your TV Set and choose your program and tell me how many chains you have visited where blood and suffering was, even when fiction, not at the order of the day !!!

    “What kind of legacy will you personally leave behind when you finally depart this life?” Indeed, David, some think that leaving their fortune behind, or a nice big statue of themselves, or a novel where they advertise the Love they never felt important enough to demostrate in real life, is sufficient to better Humanity. How wrong they are !!

    Will our little (sic) blue Planet resist man’s interferences in Nature ? I don’t know , but I often tend to feel very sorry for the generations that will come after me. Will they indeed have to prepare to embark hastily on flying boats to other less crowded or defiled planets ? Some, for sure. have already smoothed their way for a near future departure, but what about all the others that only have just enough food to survive an other day ?

    May I be labeled over pessimistic; it would give me much joy to be shown how wrong I was to doubt about my fellowman’s propensity to be a loving creature, and Hope is Life, they say …and so be it .. !!!

    May Peace, Light and Love be part of our daily lives. Amen!!

    With the kindest and most loving regards to you David and to all those who will read you !



    • David says:

      Indeed Eugene, I sometimes wonder if the general populace really understands the love of man or better still the love of God and I doubt very much if there are more than a handful who appreciate the unconditional kind. Some even accuse us that we behave like animals but I believe that the animals appreciate love more than most humans. Love, David


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