It is said there is no right or wrong.
How else could there be Free-will gifted to every human being on Earth?
Of course as with every proverb there is always the contrary story:

1) Look before you leap.
2) He who hesitates is lost.

Consider the primary quest for us humans:
We are told to search for happiness for ourselves without causing harm of any kind to any other person. At this time of year our goodwill should extend the hand of friendship and happiness to all, which in my view should be extended throughout the year.

Anything therefore which contradicts, overrides or negates that quest is without any doubt wrong.

Consider the news which we see and or hear every day which is splashed across our television screens, tablets or smart phones whose main modus operandi is that only bad news is worth reporting. What audience are they pandering to?

We see the result of gang warfare, abuse of drugs and alcohol and the intifadas linked to religious extremism all causing harm and often death which when you look at its basic form is the result of the Free-will allowing self interest and self inflicted abuse to proliferate.

Anything, anything therefore which causes any kind of harm, whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual, financial or physical to any human being must be wrong and against the prime directive.

It is a sad reflection on the face, proposals and teachings of so many so called religions, which are at the root of so many of these ills against mankind, which often purport to present themselves as the channels for the word of God.

Taken in the main from a written form that has been translated, interpreted and altered to suite the controlling aspirations of those who wear the uniforms to give them the authority which they themselves lack, all to control us!

We are abused from an early age, in fact brainwashed into accepting the so called teachings which have nothing to do with the word of God, Allah or the Logos only with the word of those men who would wish to create their own State and Power.

Neither Jesus nor Buddha had time to write anything and neither wished to create a religion, but look at the cathedrals and palaces erected in their name as their followers such as the master strategist Paul and those who followed him took his letters and wrote a book and decided what to include in it, which was and is in my view an abuse of the Jesus teachings.

Perhaps Paulinity would be a better interpretation than Christianity which after all was man’s Christening, not God’s, using the Greek root, meaning the chosen one, a language which Jesus never spoke.

There are many chosen and most will never be named nor wish to be so, on both sides of the veil. Leaving us to wonder and to wander as we see right now in the many refugee camps in the world through vales of tears and unknowing!

But were not all those who went before us exercising their own Free-will?
And have we not ourselves to blame for accepting the abuse laid upon us in all its forms?

We watch in horror while those who fight over a scrap of land to call a State through death and destruction leave a legacy of terror, fear and lack in their wake.

We are now hearing, and so long after the appalling events that powerful men in high places have been abusing young children for decades in our supposedly safest democracies, with threats of at least non-belief or at worst death if all were told and it now seems actual murder of the young and innocent.

How easy it is to abuse and to brainwash the minds of the young with threats of death and damnation in this life and at the other extreme martyrdom in this life and or the blessing of sainthood in the next.

This kind of abuse of the young of any age is equivalent in my mind to imposed physical suicide, but suicide of the mind itself.
May the Source, our Lord Logos save us from mankind that needs to abuse. Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to ABUSE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    Yes, we have the free will to do good or evil, and yes, we can poison the mind of children so they will follow our path in iniquity, letting them think that what they are doing is GOOD.

    At its fruits one will be able to judge the tree… but the big difference is that the tree needs our tender loving care to produce good fruit … men show us what their free will is all about.

    It is very true that great teachers like Jesus and Buddha never wrote a word, they preached by their examples but I dare believe that they did not suspect what their followers would do which at times is so far away from LOVE and COMPASSION… so very far away from what those great Men were hoping the world would understand.

    We are responsible of our acts for we have our free will to be good or evil, the greatest problem is to be able to see the difference.

    May this Festive Season be a Season of remembrance and may our New Year’s resolutions be to include LOVE and COMPASSION in our daily activities.

    to all men of good will.

    Eugene .


    • David says:

      Thank you Mr V, I concur completely and wish wholeheartedly that 2015 will be the year of change to good throughout the world. Love, David


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