When you look at your Christmas tree this year, look with care
at the glints and glimmers, the lights and reflections of
candles, stars and tinsels that adorn your tree of remembrance.
Keeping those many facets of light in your mind … look within.


 I have looked
And seen a glimmer of light
Reflected from a facet feigned with fear,
ΐ Lest you should find the beam, the stream ΐ
Of light
That caused its fine reflection.
I can say with love and great appreciation
I was able to look beyond this physical delight,
Beyond the veil
The veil of vain volition.
Applied by those who’d keep us in the dark.
ΐ I looked with keen sight and growing awareness, ΐ
I am
And I was aware
That it was only one of many,
But I am certainly not of any, anymore
For I am
And I am more than any,
ΐ I am all, and you are too and when you look within ΐ
You will find you are all and more than all.
For you are the light,
the facet.
You are

With much Love, David for I believe that when all the facets come
together in consciousness we Human Beings are One with the One.
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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5 Responses to FACET

  1. Fabulous poem David.. Here’s to Oneness.. and let all of our parts shine and join in the Light of Love.. xxx


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Yes .. let us be ONE with the ONE … This period of Festivities of Light – Hanukah and Christmas .. is indeed the right moment to try to be Lights to the World.
    May our trees remind us of our desire to reach the Skies.

    Merry Christmas to you and to all those who will read your post.

    With Love.


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