Do you give up meat for a day on a certain day as requested? Why?
Of course I realise that there are some who must have their meat everyday and pounds of it, but anything in excess is not good for the body! To give up meat altogether or to have a raw only diet is equally doubtful for the health of the body.

We enjoy a varied diet with small amounts of meat and fish, cheese and eggs with many vegetable-only days with lots of fruit and nuts combined with many beneficial herbs and spices by choice. Not because we are asked to or told to or following any particular diet having found most of them a nonsense and only written to sell books to those who fail in personal attempts to detect their own goodness and right regime!

Pure water in quantity is good for cleansing, which we have to buy being in the Campo, and we also have small amounts of tea, coffee, wine and beer according to individual choice which all bring their simple benefits to the table.

All that is not poisonous but beneficial is there for a reason and each culture has its own favourites which might not please others. As usual it is all down to us.

We believe that small portions of the variety that the earth has to offer, bearing in mind that like it or not we are and always have been and always will be omnivores, of which eating plan we believe our bodies need in order to remain in good health. We are in addition reducing portion sizes as we go in response to listening to our bodies and their needs.

So exercising our Free-will choice we can choose to vary our diet to suit the feelings that are reflected back to us from our bodies on the ingestion of all we consume.

Being a good food detective is incumbent on us all since some cannot digest certain foods such as raw food, dairy, white flour or alcohol and so it would be silly to take in these things just because others do when we know that our bodies cannot cope with their individual ingredients. This may seem like a sacrifice but in reality it is only common sense.

We pray when we feel moved to pray not as prescribed by others, the words are not written down, they are from the heart, of the moment, in the presence. We might get used to our own words and we each have our own patterns and phrases to express our gratitude, but that is all that compose our prayers.

We do not pray kneeling like a slave with our faces in the dirt where any words of thanks or gratitude would be muffled by the earth. We pray over our food, offering all food and drink to the Lord and in so doing have our palms facing up as if holding the sacrifice of the offering.

Not that the Lord requires any sacrifice of that nature or any nature!

However I do believe that there is a sacrifice that we can all make which has a double meaning expressed through our compassion to one another, which is in effect our service to each other, and also of course to the Lord Logos through our compassion.

When meeting or parting I am moved to have my hands together in prayer pose which might seem strange to some being totally western, but to me it means Namaste which indicates the Soul in me recognising the Soul in you. What could be more natural, loving and complete than that?

Of course this is only a ritual, but it is ours with our heart, our love and our meaning and in the moments that matter to us and not maybe to anyone else.

Does that seem selfish to you? Is all sacrifice selfish?

Since the beginning of time sacrifice has meant giving up something, including life itself, to appease a god in the expectation of something in return like good weather or a bountiful harvest, but as you see my idea of sacrifice is in thanks and gratitude for all that is already given. It is of course the expectation that is selfish!

Do you recognise and accept all that is given to you? It is given unconditionally!
Give in the same vein to others expecting nothing in return.

With Love & the Service of Care, Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to SACRIFICE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    You are so right, dear David, first of all we should learn to listen to our bodies and talk to it, even if the latter sounds a bit “strange”. Foods are offered by Nature and by the Animal Kingdom to makes a grow and appreciate their “sacrifices”, why should we reject them ?

    You are so right when you mention that too often fads and culture rituals make us slaves of customs. We and we alone should try to improve our very existence and use common sense and good judgment when it comes to what we put on our tables and ingurgitate.

    What prayer is concerned, I do share your opinion. My prayers consist of conversations where gratitude and compassion are combined… The attitude of my body might or might not reveal that I am praying but then, am I not the principal interested in this act ? I think I am.

    Joining hands and using the greeting “Namaste” when meeting with our fellow person is a nice way, but we should be aware that this “ritual” might be very foreign to some or even to many.
    Therefore we should know when and with whom to use that form of acknowledgment of one soul
    to another if we do not want to frighten those we wished to honour with our recognition..

    May Light, Love and Compassion always be welcome in our lives.

    Happy Hanukah.



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