Religion is a ritual in which we conform to the prescribed patterns of others from the past and in our conformation we are confirmed members. We learn by heart but where is the heart in our learning?

We attend like all the rest and follow the patterns of prayers. We are told which pattern to follow on which day in the temple we attend, or follow the one next to us so as not to seem out of tune, out of place or out of time. In short we become cloned into ritual.

On the days we attend we feel good according to our faith, our belief and our need, we feel part of community, we feel the blessing of the energy of the community of belonging. But what of the following days?

It is the greatest grief to me that those who profess to lead a religion in faith and love will administer simple admonishment or even pain, punishment or intifada for the slightest infraction of the petty rules which their particular brand of religion demands be met, instead of the kind of natural encouragement so necessary to those who stray to stay on the path if that is their wish.

From reading the wrong book, writing the wrong words seeing the wrong male-only game or getting raped they become immediately ostracised from their family and their religion, being saddled with the complete blame being a woman rather than the one who committed the crime because he was a man.

We know that we can be killed for just following a different religion than the majority, a Muslim cannot marry a Christian, a Buddhist or a Jew or suffer the same fate.

When will the leaders of religions wake up to the fact that mankind is diverse and needs a diversity of beliefs? In fact there are a multitude of paths leading to the Divine, but each pathway must be given the respect that emanates from the Divine itself. Every single woman, child and man must have the right to follow a faith or not as she or he chooses, when they reach the age of discernment.

I put us in that order since only women can do what men cannot and that is to give birth to a child that may grow up a woman or man, but it seems there the great distinction ends and in most cultures regardless of religion man takes precedence. Women are never valued as much as men and yet they perform the greatest most painful act of creation for the whole human race regardless of religion.

Most men love their mothers but it seems that any other woman is on this earth for mans pleasure and enjoyment and certainly women should be denied any enjoyment or satisfaction being confined in the only place fit for them which is the kitchen.

Even there their place has been for the most part denied since men have again usurped their position and commandeered the place of the most famous chefs in the world.

I cannot believe that women are less than men in the kitchen. Case in point: My mum was a great cook, she managed the Civic Restaurant in Barnstaple, N. Devon after the War, went on to run a guest house, taught me all I know and as I moved on to become a chef in Sussex she catered for the local business moguls after their golf matches in her little country pub that she ran in Devon, England with her own much loved specialist dishes.

Religion in my view has a lot to answer for and I thank heaven for the relative freedom of women in the United Kingdom which I intend to return to as soon as possible.

You might ask what is my religion?
You might conclude after some discussion that I am a complete mixture for I have found a facet in a few but sadly no complete diamond of truth in any, but I am one of the rare breed that recognises the many pathways to the Divine, respects every other religion and follower, since they have come to that point, I sincerely hope through freedom of choice, while I maintain my personal connection to the Divine that I desire for every consciousness on Earth.

If that were to happen no one could ever harm anyone else!
Pray with me for everyone in the world in their mind to recognise and rejoice in their sublime and singular connection to the Divine. In this way we cannot help but become One. Of course you realise that this means that all those facets of truth must also become one which means a joining into One of all religions.
Love & Divine Connection to all from Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to WHAT is RELIGION

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David… how right you are … and in so many facets of your message. Yes, religions should only be rays emanating from the ONE and ONLY. No one on this Planet Earth , this is clear, detains all of the Truth, even if he or she thinks otherwise.
    Each religion being what it is carries good but sometimes so much evil … evil which has been imposed by those who think they are the sole carriers of God’s favour.

    What women are concerned, I would add that often their own upbringing puts them in the …kitchen. Only a few dare lift their heads and show men that they also can think and that they have a mission too .. which is not ONLY bearing children and sharing men’s pleasures in bed or in the diningroom. Women are partners in full with men and should be allowed to show what their I.Q. is, BUT and I repeat BUT, too often women have no desire to shine outside the little world our cultures have prepared for them.

    To finish my response , I would like to add this anecdote … Women hearing that a man is efeminate .. will pout and say disdainfully : Look he is like a woman !!!! Isn’t that what it is all about ? Being like a woman is …bad, for even those efeminate men are not considered by our Macho culture as worthy of consideration. Where did we get that idea from and why do the great Monotheistic religions go spreading this awfull creed.

    Blessings and much light and also a Happy Hanukah to all those who will know what it means.

    With love.



    • David says:

      Thank you Eugene for your so positive response in agreement … at least you and I are on the same page and looking in the same direction. Love, David


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