The potential to be a healer is within us all and there are very good Federations in the UK that can take you through the fundamentals of healing, anatomy and physiology sufficient to be able to understand conditions and communicate with clients and healthcare professionals alike.

I have been through the training procedures with three of the best, but I don’t recall sufficient emphasis being given by any on what I consider to be a fundamental principle without which any benefit would be difficult to transfer to anyone.

The basic principle must be the art of being able to listen with focus, interest and compassion to the sufferings of another and there is a lot to be said for the maxim that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

However, being able to have the courage in this day and age to share in case you say something considered out of place by another or not politically correct, even about your own health, is another matter!

Which could be why I have heard so many times, on enquiring how a client feels and how I can help, to be told:
‘Well you’re the healer you tell me!’ Of course that could also stem from disbelief in which case help would be most difficult to transfer if not impossible.

The fundamental principle as I see it is for anyone prepared to give their time and energy for the sake of those in need, let’s call the ‘anyone’ a healer although they may not refer to themselves with that title, is for the healer to be happy!
Now that may sound a bit daft but so many try to help even when they feel not so good in themselves!

From simple sharing through comfort to healing of a disease or debilitating condition, in my mind there is a prerequisite for the healer, who let’s face it could be a doctor, parent or family member, friend or a fully fledged and qualified healer, is for them to be happy in order to be able to help in any meaningful way.

So how would you define ‘happy’?
My idea of Happiness is for the healer to have reached a level of consciousness that I call happiness which you could interpret as the first level on the ladder to enlightenment, implying a constant connection with the Divine, Source or the Logos if you wish. This enables the healer to enjoy the level of consciousness or joy and happiness no matter what. Difficult you may say for a family member not versed in these ways, but the bond of love in my opinion often overrides any such prerequisite for simple conditions of hurt.

Of course there are other requisites for a true healer such as being in tune with the client to the degree that there is an intimate understanding of the condition and its day to day state of the many physical, mental and emotional changes that take place, and being able to understand accommodate and improve all of those levels and conditions within the client even at a distance, as often as necessary according to individual need.

The frequency and timing of healing is often debated but I believe that the relationship between healer and client should be so close that although it may be decided on a regular meeting, at a moment’s notice help may be given, be it weekly, daily or hourly!

Finally I must say that if you, the healer, are not happy how can you expect to improve the happiness quotient of the client you are trying to help remembering that happiness is securely linked to Well-being? It’s like asking a sick doctor to heal you!

Happy Healers have to put up with a lot!
Many clients profess to wanting help but build their own barriers, for a host of reasons, to that help being meaningfully given and there are so many whose conditions are self inflicted who would refute any such suggestion! The refute being one of those insurmountable barriers.

I believe in simplicity and on the family level a cuddle to someone in pain imagining in your mind that you are the healing bridge between the Divine and your loved one is the way to go, to begin and to continue.

BTW: Keeping that fundamental connection with the Divine is good for you the healer and good for the client, in fact good for us all!
Sending healing energies to all, Hanukah & the Angel


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