My Father, whom I never knew, by all accounts never forgot me even though that knowledge was kept from me and therefore unaware, had a photographic memory and the night before an exam could memorise whole text books, pass his exams and later let the memory drift away. I on the other hand for the seventy years or so that I can vaguely recall have been forgetful and every exam had to be taken twice! As Robert the Bruce (my middle name) would say, ‘if at first you don’t succeed try, try again’!

Every anniversary anonymously consigned to dead and forgotten diaries and calendars gathering dust in drawers of unused desks, I have to rely on my children to remind me of the grandchildren’s birthdays, but of course Christmas, although I abhor its commercialisation, I do remember. However, to remember to put the cheque in with the card is another matter! No meanness you understand just cognisance consigned to the casement of consciousness for which I am always trying to find the key!

It is suggested that we remember what interests us, but when there is no interest the thought disappears from waking consciousness and is secreted away in the sub-consciousness. Have you found your key? Or like some do you never forget a thing which they see as a curse rather than a blessing? Possibly prompted by a fear of forgetting!

It is said that the true Master performs a task and then lets it go, consigned to the mists of time. When someone comments on one of my posts I have to reread the master copy having forgotten completely what I wrote, so I guess you could say I am a master of sorts! Or is it absent mindedness, or is that what absent mindedness is? Needing to clear the mind again for empirical thought? Or just not interested in holding on to a particular train of thought that produced a certain post and as the chairman of the PCC once said: ’Moving on!’

But of one thing I am sure and never forgotten, even in those moments when I felt as insignificant and as small as the minute dust motes sliding down sunbeams, I know that in those same sun beams was and is a stream of never forgotten love of me, even when I cannot see those beams of light, because I know that the stream in them is with me always!

What is within never forgets, is always remembered and since it is my reason for being how could I forget?

Did you forget and are you still trying to remember your reason and your key?
In this technological age we are advised to have and to remember different codes and passwords for every login to every bank account and site we visit on the WWW.

Well, I am afraid that injunction is beyond my capability and I have had to resort to an Enigma of my own.

I welcome the day when finger prints and/or irises would make the whole world more secure, but no doubt some clever clogs will find a way to outwit the systems put in place.

We are so intelligent it makes you wonder why we have not solved the seemingly simple problems of waste, world hunger and health. I suppose it is too easy to forget those who are starving to death when your table groans with the weight of food!
With Loving memory, Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to MEMORY

  1. Lately my memory is not as sharp as it was.. But sometimes I think as we wind down and relax and know we are not under pressure to remember things.. we can retain only those things we want to.. Well that is my excuse David and I am sticking to it..

    Its such a shame you did not ever get to know your Father.. So sad when that happens and no fault of the child..
    As for Christmas well now how can we not know its near….. I think I first spotted some Christmas decorations on sale as early as August 🙂

    I write most things down now David…. then forget where I put my list.. 🙂 Well not quite so bad.. But do not chastise yourself too much my friend..
    Blessings for a wonderful weekend


    • David says:

      I made a comprehensive list of food stuff and there it remains on the computer, just about every shopping list is left in the kitchen so I know what you mean and, as they say, where you are coming from. But ain’t life grand? It’s all a game – a great game and I try all the time to remember and improve my memory with limited but nevertheless joyful success. 🙂 Wonderful weekend to you too Sue, Love David


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