The only aspect of sacrifice worth indulging is that of giving.
The sweetness experienced in giving,
Giving part of you worth nothing.

Only when it is given
It is worth all
Your Love.

The sweet sacrifice of fasting.
A day without
Giving up
Food and drink
Without company
Without distraction.

Keeping, simple, solitude,
The sweet feeling of emptiness,
Of lightness, cleansing and purity.

The opening of channels long forgotten.
Giving up work, practice and play
Freedom of mind and body
Listening within,
For a day.

Refining the inner sight, sightless.
Minding the mind
Restoring the breath
To deepness and openness.

Breathing the breath, becoming the breath.
Surrendering to its natural rhythm
Becoming yourself
Knowing thyself
Letting go.

No thought leads you to the way.
To sweet mergence
Becoming One

© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to SWEETNESS

  1. Thank you David for always bringing your won sweetness into our world.. For you bring wisdom and Love into each post.. Blessings Sue


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