(Prompted by the return of soldiers from Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.)
With all our intelligence, how is it that we fail to see the ultimate effects of our many causes?

It seems that we have lost our way among the many twists and turns, the sidelines and bye-ways of self interest that we have become blinded to the way.

Even those who profess to be nearer to my God than thee, through the politics of Paulinity, have cast a shadow over the once illuminated path of those very professionals and thereby us as well. Are we not all equal in the eyes of God?

Perhaps that last paragraph accounts for my disappointment with the professionals which has steered me onto my own path of light, leading to the illumination of love in my life and the inherent wisdom desire prompting me to share my own experience, rather than the pieces of paper of others.

If we could all remember and return not just to the cause but to the Source itself, from which we all came regardless of religion, the agenda drugged eyelids may be lifted from the drugged eyes to reveal our true path that all the time has been hidden in plain sight.

Which in truth is no different from any other sight!
Except that it is clear of the cataract of causes clouded by personal agendas of the rich and powerful, which have obscured our vision of the truth and its manifestation of our bright pathway towards our real goal.

Can you see your way clear, remembering your Source and holding the Source in the forefront of your consciousness like a beacon of light, illuminating your true path of purpose here on Earth each and every day?

The repetition of the name of your Source will enable you to keep that vision.
What name? Well, a rose by any other name … and the one you call, of no name, has no preference to the name you choose to call. As many a father or mother has enjoined just, ‘remember to call!’

And if you were to come back to me with: I’ve called for years but the line is dead. Just consider for a moment that the receiver is never on the hook at the other end and the line is never broken, but that you may have hung up!

When you are back on your pathway of purpose the line is always live and you are in constant contact and will never lose your way, for wherever you are is where you are meant to be.

If that sounds trite then consider that by holding the name in your consciousness the relevance of your position because clear and your way becomes illuminated.
With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to WHICH WAY

  1. Yes disappointed David for many reasons with our Professionals especially those who profess to lead the way..
    When our eyes are truly opened in the WAY of the world they will see the only which way ever to turn is to our Higher guidance and our Spiritual Path.. We have lost our way along the road David.. I hope we can once again bring our spiritual awakening back in line to catch up with our techo age ones.. which use Machines to Kill and maim ,,
    Blessings your way


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