There are many who over the Centuries have, according to their assumed power of the priest and sometimes king to boot, considered that their way must be followed in worshipping, sacrificing, practicing and praying to their idea of a god on pain of death should anyone not follow their particular pathway.

Not quite so drastic a retribution these days I would like to think although should you not follow the way of another religion you are still likely to be killed and the only maxim one can apply is to choose your religion, your country and your career carefully!

Most of us are born into a religious following, determined by our family history, and therefore we may find ourselves dictated to as the norm:
When those wearing a particular dress assume the right to teach us how to pray whether it be to God, Allah or the Lord Logos, and we are told how to do it, what words to use, what time to pray, what direction to face and the physical attitude to assume.

And immediately what comes into my mind is one of the greatest gifts from the Logos to you and to me of unconditional love, so difficult for most humans to contemplate even if they are not into direct corruption expect at least something in return for anything they do!

Let me say that one of the ways in which unconditional love manifests is in the acceptance by the Logos of your own private prayer given by you from your heart, using your own feelings and using your words, during which every syllable every inflection, every smile and every tear is received as if it were the most valuable artefact in the Universe.

You do not need to be told how to pray, you do not need to ask how to pray for the way to pray for you is the way you pray and the Logos loves you for it. In fact the Logos loves you even if you do not pray because he knows that you need him more than those who do.

Now can you begin to understand this one aspect of unconditional love?

To pray or not to pray, there is no question!
With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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