Who are you?
No truer words than: I Am!
I Am That!

Where are you?
Which side of the dark hole are you?

Are you from the side of creation,
Moving to the side of experience?

Or do you move towards absorption,
From the side of knowing?

Is your journey done?
In this world and the next,
And the next, and the next?

But then what are you?
There are seven colours, here!
But you are without colour
With no colour joined you are One.

Not with the One, yet!
But One in the here and now
If you can see it, be it – colourless!

Who is your teacher?
No one can teach, only you can find.
Solitude and silence are singular.

In truth you are alone:
Find yourself, Know yourself, Be Your Self.

Nothing else matters, but your happiness!
Only then are you One to another, to the One.
© David Tenneson 2014.


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to ONE BEING

  1. cat says:

    My teacher is my own little life, and it teaches me to be humbly happy … and that’s what I Am … Love, cat.


  2. 🙂 Loved this Line David.. “Who is your teacher? No one can teach, only you can find.” …. So true


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