Horse-drawn hackney carriages began providing taxicab service in the early 17th century. In 1636 the number of carriages was set at 50, an early example of taxicab regulation. (Courtesy of Wikipedia).

Today any aspiring London Taxi or ‘Black Cab’ Driver has to pass an examination which might take anything up to 12 applications named ‘The Knowledge’ which involves learning the layout of London, England streets in preset routes to places of interest immediately on a passenger’s request knowing traffic and road conditions without the use of maps, not relying on a controller by radio or a GPS connection.

Following much that has gone before, but in particular ‘Ease of Living’ the Soul knows all! By that I mean that when a Soul begins a new journey on Earth it chooses the starting point, and the end point, but releases all knowledge of the future possibilities to the Spirit to start from scratch and make its own way in the world.

When I say that the Soul knows all, since the beginning of its creation it holds every experience, every life, every journey, but the Spirit does not, it only knows what it experiences in a particular life!

Just imagine if you knew what the Soul knows! You would live your life in a very different way especially if you knew the day that you would pass from this life.

When you consider that each and every person on the planet has the gift of Free-will it is no wonder that when you are given say a message from a medium that someone tall dark and handsome will come into your life, after 6 months you call to say where is that person?

You have to understand that knowledge is one thing but timing is something completely different. Think about all of those individual Free-will gifts all having their way and you begin to understand everything that has to come into conjunction for there to be any coming together of the knowledge at the same moment.

We spend much of our youth in a school of one sort or another, if we are lucky, accumulating knowledge and specialising as we grow. Sadly there is no school that I know of that teaches wisdom, for without it any knowledge gained is worth little if anything.

When our knowledge is gained it is life itself of course that teaches us wisdom and the starting post for most would be what we call common sense. When in business it seemed that degrees were even then two a penny which left me wondering what was actually taught at colleges and universities and I would prefer to have employed those who exhibited the higher degree of common sense.

It is not a gift given to every human for many go through life with degrees coming out of their ears but apparently no common sense at all!

We must of course not forget the attribute of inspiration and it is under that heading that I recommend the HPT meditation when the Trinity of Soul, Spirit and Body are brought together to share.

It is also under that heading that I can reiterate the store of Universal Consciousness where all Knowledge is stored and which is open to everyone who wishes to pursue a particular path of knowledge.

As in the first phase of HPT it requires concentration to a degree that most are not used to, but when Earthly knowledge does not provide the answers that you seek, the kind of dedication and concentration shown by researchers round the world into the hardest problems to crack, will pay dividends for you too.

Not having to spend hours in a laboratory though, but to dedicate yourself to HPT meditation every day and in time connecting with Universal Consciousness, otherwise known as the Akashic Record.

Knowing yourself is your beginning. With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to THE KNOWLEDGE

  1. Yes David, we are I feel within the Earth’s School.. as we learn and grow, gathering Knowledge from our experiences.. Many thanks for always pointing us in the right direction..
    Love and Blessings


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