We each follow a path laid out for us, more or less, and sometimes when we look at others they seem to have it all with money, position and popularity, or is that really sycophancy?

Whichever it is it can seem to us that we want to be like them and we can try to follow in their footsteps. However humble our beginnings saying to ourselves, ‘they’ve got it all and I have so little’, and when we try to follow we can only try to match their footsteps but we can never wear their shoes. We can never know what secrets lie behind their gifts of money, position and popularity.

We can have it all too if we put our minds to it! Working together with mind synonymous with consciousness and Spirit and of course our body because there is no doubt that we would have to put in the physical work to get anywhere, for when you have nothing, nothing worth having comes easily.

Here’s the thing: When this life is envisaged all the possible and probable futures are considered in order to position the life in the country, the family and the culture to give the Soul the best experience. However when the selected embryo is capable of sustaining life the Soul enters, bringing with it the gifts of physical and mental attributes and of course consciousness, but together with amnesia!

Strange? Well, upon entry the Soul gives away all its gifts but then forgets the projected pathway leaving it to the seed of consciousness which is the software, as above the same as mind and Spirit, to steer the child allowing the mind and the body to grow together.

This is where the Spirit comes into its own, growing and taking on board the beliefs of its carers, its culture and eventually its peers. It may look at the one who has all that it might want and has to decide whether to follow in those footsteps or to forge its own pathway.

As we know the grass often looks greener on the other side but we might not want the secrets hidden behind wealth and position and the Spirit might feel so confident, dependant on its upbringing, that it would not want to follow but to lead.

This is where the gift of Free-will is exercised by the Spirit to choose where it wants to go and the Soul as the Silent Witness can only watch and listen. It is only when the Spirit strays so badly from the path, as in the instance of the disenchanted youths who try to join IS, that the Soul together with the Guardian will try to influence such a decision. Mostly as we’ve seen to no avail!

But as we know the Spirit can be so strong that it will ignore such gentle admonishments and go its own way having been influenced by closer and more believable physical brainwashing techniques into believing that its true path is to become a martyr.

Despite the heading of this post I believe that living is not easy nor is it meant to be and you may be wondering if the amnesia suffered by the Soul is at all possible. Let me play devil’s advocate and ask you, ‘what would be the point of the Soul knowing how everything would turn out and to direct the life along a path of enlightenment when its whole purpose is to experience a life over which it has no control?’

I believe that the ease of living comes from knowing yourself to the point when you understand what is going on within you in your physical body, in your mind or the consciousness, the way it works and how the aspect of consciousness which is the Spirit can influence not only your mental ability but also the physical body.

My body is to say the least on the fragile side, but I tend to ignore this obvious trait trying my best to do what I have to do to keep the garden in good order and at the same time trying to ease the life of my partner.

A case in point was when I tried to lift a large log bucket filled to the brim with heavy fire wood, to save him having to do it, and damaged my knee. I now know that my Spirit objected strongly to this mistake and my knee has suffered ever since.

However it is apparent that when we move to a house with no log burner the knee will recover when there is no possibility of lifting logs again! I hope you can see that ease of living covers so many areas which only by knowing yourself can you begin to live easily. With Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to EASE of LIVING

  1. Yes exactly David, what indeed would be the point if we knew on our arrival our blue print of which lessons this time around we were supposed to learn, . We would spend most of our life in avoidance skirting around that which we thought would hinder our pathway.. When in fact sometimes its those hard lessons which pave the way to our richer knowledge of growth ..
    Another great thought provoking post David
    Thank You


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