We are taught from an early age that winning is everything, competition in the classroom, on the sports field and in the gym. The latter was the only place where I showed any prowess, coming second in the Senior Gymnastics Cup two years in a row which was good enough for me although the family pressed for a win, especially as the step father had won the competition in his time at the same Grammar School!

There may be many finishing lines that you pass on your journey, but in the grand scheme of things there is no final line and in the short term nothing is ever finished. It may be a difficult concept to fathom but when you think that you have finished there is always something that opens up before you presenting a new challenge.

In fact when you look back do you never feel that you could have done something differently, in a better way as a change in benefit for yourself or for others? So was it really finished in hindsight?

It is the challenges that are the important aspect of your life. Some may appear daunting while others may seem like a piece of cake, but win or lose it is not the winning that is as important as the race itself and of the greatest importance is the whole journey from birth to death.

How you approach all of the challenges presented to you is of the most significance. If you see the next challenge as a mountain it will be hard to climb and to overcome, but if you see it as a downhill slope it will indeed be that enviable piece of cake. But as always it is down to you and to your attitude which changes on a moment by moment basis from the positive downhill slope to the negative impossible climb.

You may consider that the journey to death is the ultimate finishing line but I can assure you it is not, for death is merely the crossing over from one existence to another where fresh challenges will be presented in a form which is beyond our current understanding.

I can let you into a profound secret, at least that’s the way I see it: Whatever challenge comes up, the trick is to see a way through the challenge which brings with it joy and happiness and, let’s face it, that is down completely to your own attitude which is totally within your own power to change.

Every one of those finishing lines has on it a banner for you to break through and it is up to you whether it has on it a smiley face or a sad face! Understanding that no finishing is an end it itself but merely a point of transition, after all the finishing line does not stop with a brick wall it continues on to more and more and more!

Perhaps you can now begin to understand the concept that nothing is ever finished?

Folks talk about a perfect God, a perfect Universe and the pursuit of perfection within themselves. For a start you cannot quantify or qualify God, as any astronomer will tell you the Universe is for ever changing so how can it be perfect when it is in a state of becoming and strange as it may seem you are too!

I believe that perfection does not exist! No Saint, Prophet or person was, is or will be perfect it is just an erroneous concept which can never exist.

It is all too easy to consider an end to a particular phase as a completion, but it is just a phase and as above could have been completed differently. When you consider life on Earth, and if like me you are into reincarnation, the many lives already lived you may think each was finished, but believe me when I say that in every life much was left undone.

Think about it, how could you possibly experience all that the Earth has to offer in one lifetime? And with Free-will you could have done so much differently, so would you like to have another go at it?

There may come a time when the Earth has nothing more to offer to you and you will have exhausted all of the possibilities and challenges that you wish to experience here, and it may be time to move on to a new environment, another planet and maybe another life form!

Remember it is not your present consciousness that will make that decision which will cease to exist when you pass from this place, but the eternal nature of your Soul which will make that decision with the consideration and wisdom of your Higher Self.

You may think that this post finishes here but I can assure you the next and the next are already forming in embryonic form! With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. Our Experience is always on going.. And would we have been perfect we would not be upon our Earth’s Journey… Lovely post David.. 🙂 And I hope as we approach our finishing lines, there is always a NEW Experience awaiting somewhere within the Universe.. I am sure there is.. Whether we are mere mind- conciousness or some blob on another planet… Our experience goes on and on and Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………….. 🙂


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