In travels round the world
We have found mysterious marks
Of ancient artists abounding
From palm prints to paintings
Of themselves and animals.
Those killed for food
And those wondrous,
Huge and fearsome.

We walked and hacked our way
Through desert, forest and jungle
Stumbling on nature’s mysteries
Falling over unnatural spheres
Of no connection, different sizes
Littered on the ground
With no apparent placement,
Forced out of place by earth’s moves.

Only careful measurement
Explains their relationship
Mysterious only in origin
For they are our neighbours
In miniature spherical form
Seen in our own solar system
From large to small we are all
Represented, Earth to Sun
And all in between in stone.
Planet Sizes
(Courtesy of Wiki)
How clever of the Ancients
To impart this knowledge
To our long forgotten ancestors
Who could not see the planets
Never mind their sizes.
And all this before man saw seasons,
Before man invented time!

But then marvellous mystery!
We came upon a helix
Here and there and everywhere
Carved in stone to last forever
Attributed to Celtic cousins
Long before a kilt and skirl of pipe
To last one hundred thousand years
Only in these latter times have we seen
The helix in glorious form of galaxy!
Newgrange Entrance Spirals
(Courtesy of Wiki)
These Newgrange Spirals in Ireland
Are closer to the real place of Atlantis
Than any other artefact hidden or found,
Where once the Ancients did abound.

Such lack of intuitive guidance today
Which has left us in the dark for so long,
Lack of belief in the knowledge of ages past.
Like all things unpractised and forgotten
There is a lack of belief, of possibility
Of those special spirals of space.

Time has a habit of hindering memory
Especially through lack of use or interest
Or deliberate denial of unbelievers,
Who believe they know better than the truth
And try to influence the rest of us into disbelief.
In lives I have trained others to carry out
Certain complex tasks, but in lack of use
They have forgotten, never to remember.

In my life as surgeon in the Temple Beautiful
Trepanning was my daily procedure
For relief of hydrocephalic pressure
Or to restore the ability to speak, amongst others.
Through lack of practice the knowledge flew
Although my instruments are on display anew
Though any surgeon of today lacks belief in it.
Ancient Egyptian Medical Instruments
This glyph shows just a few.
(Courtesy of Wiki)

Those who gave us the knowledge
Of all these things, could not give us
Courage that had to come from within,
Wisdom which had to be accumulated
Through practice over time,
Faith in their unconditional love
Which through our ignorance,
Disbelief with all the rest, we reversed!

Lack of practice allows much to remain mysterious
Mystery invites search, debate and practice.
Practice restores connection
Practice restores memory
Practice makes possible becoming.
© David Tenneson 2014.

Practice with Hanukah & the Angel
Remembering there is no lack if you look
And look with intuitive wisdom!


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2 Responses to MYSTERIOUS LACK

  1. David you have been busy posting.. LOVE this poem.. and so enjoyed your graphics entwined within.. Yes those Ancients were very knowledgeable.. We have lost a lot of their Wisdom.. Yes the wonderful mystery of the Helix the ever spinning Spirals and Cycles…

    Wonderful read David ..
    Thank you Love


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