The THIEF in the NIGHT

Did it ever occur to you that our cultures are trying to guide us, albeit surreptitiously, in the wrong direction?

Certainly the lawyers who charge exorbitant fees would advise you to sue for the slightest infringement of your honour, reputation or liberty? Does that really concern you or are you misdirected by those who only want your money?

And if you can catch the thief who stole your treasures, what then? Are you so full of vengeance needed to be vented?

What if he was the messenger sent to prove, what you could never contemplate, that you keep, hoard and buy too much which is unnecessary for your highest good?

Perhaps he needed what was taken more than you because he or she had nothing.

Can you imagine the weight lifted from your shoulders when you are relieved of the treasures of responsibility and the glow of love when you let something go and give something away expecting nothing in return?

Who was to blame? The one who stole the loaf or the rich man who refused to give the thief some bread for him and his starving family?

If security is an issue with you: Do not keep anything in your home worth stealing, but if anything is taken then welcome the thief and let it go.

Life is not meant to be easy – any lesson worth learning may take time because of its difficulty and remember that every challenge has a purpose.

In fact every difficulty is a bright opportunity wrapped in darkness!

So, was it a thief in the night or your liberty who came to set you free?

Knowing yourself is your beginning and accepting what you need may be your greatest challenge.
With Love, Hanukah & the Angel.


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to The THIEF in the NIGHT

  1. Yes David our lessons come in many guises.. The hardest of them usually teach us the most..
    Letting Go has been one of my own personal lessons in this life time..
    Bless you for your teachings David..
    Hugs Sue


  2. My Raphael's Legacy says:

    Great article David, clarity that raises ones vibration above the ludicrous nature of fear which as we both know is simply the projection of all the froth and nonsense that is imbued with the illusions of separation and notwithstanding all the self-limitations contained within, sincere regards, Barry


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