Following on from Reflection on 24th Oct 2014.
You are like the moon, you wax and you wane through good days and bad days.
Come to think of it we are all like that wonderful advert for Jaffa Cakes:
Where the teacher shows a class of juniors a whole Jaffa Cake saying, “Full Moon” she takes a bite, “Half Moon” puts the rest in her mouth and manages to mumble, “Total Eclipse”!

There are times when, if like me, you are full of yourself with everything going your way and you feel you could knock a house over. Then at other times, which you may find difficult to fathom, you feel a lethargy coming over you, you want to hide away from the world and hide your light so that no one can find you in fact you go into eclipse mode!

Don’t you realise that like the moon you have an effect on others by the light that you shine? You may be a drop in an ocean of Souls, but just as a full moon has an effect on the tides you also have an effect on every other drop in that ocean.

Like the Moon you change colour: take a good look at yourself first thing every morning, before you touch your face and see if this is not true: you change colour from silver through blue, green, yellow, and gold to red and just like the Moon you have a Halo.

Of course the Halo of the Moon is really an illusion and is just a figment of our atmosphere’s playfulness, just to amuse us and to keep us guessing! Let’s face it in our ignorant superstitious past we have given all sorts of meanings to its proximity, colour and Halo! Sadly there are still some uneducated on the Planet who still give these godlike meanings in reverence, to what is essentially just a lump of rock, a mini planet that was once in the beginning of the Solar System part of the Earth.

It may take a while but with practice you can see your Halo too. You see, it is not only the Holy Family or the Saints and Prophets who are blessed with a Halo it is the embellishment of every conscious being developed from the combination of their physical and spiritual being.

There are times when the Moon seems small and far away and it probably is since its orbit is not a constant distance from the Earth and at other times so close and huge and almost as big as the Earth that you fear for your safety of a possible collision!

In truth you have the same effect on other people depending on how you are feeling within. Remember that feeling of being full of yourself? You can appear to be rather intimidating on those days, there are those who are permanently full and cause a ripple of attention when they walk into a crowded room. Known as a Charism, rare but true. Are you one of those? If so be gentle with your power which can be overpowering to those less gifted.

Most of all of course you are a reflector as is every other human being, a mirror to each other. When you see something reflected in another which you find distasteful, look carefully and deeply within yourself, into your own mirror and it’s pretty certain that you will find a facet that needs polishing or even re-cutting.

However, unlike the moon which has no light source of its own and is just a reflector you are both a reflector and a light which is meant, in its true purpose, to light the rest of the world and when you light the lives of others you bring a measure of joy and happiness to all whom you meet.

Your quest is to experience joy and happiness for yourself and to share your love with everyone and I mean everyone! By sharing your love you do not lose, you can only gain for love has no value secreted away in the locked safe of your jealous heart until it is given away, when it comes into its own immense value and perceived glory and is instantly replaced within you.

Make sure you leave trails of glory wherever you go!

Remember that God, the Lord Logos is watching you with Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to MOONSTRUCK

  1. David… Thank you for sharing your ‘Halo’… You Shine!! 🙂


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