It was the year dot or zero and a story was born. A life, if all the stories are to be believed came into being, lived and died after a relatively short life, but when that life ended stories began to circulate of its later years in a country where the Dragons breath was felt on the back of every neck so great, powerful and ruthless had it become.

Few could write in those times but news and views were passed in secret, from one to another, in stories that were partly true and partly myth added to as all good story tellers do and subtracted here and there by the few who could record the story of their own particular group who strangely all eventually adopted the same name of Christian, seen by the Mighty Dragon as dangerous and subversive, many went underground.

It meant that the recorders could not be caught with their version of the story, in whatever language it was written, for fear of the punishment of the Dragon’s armies and so recorded stories were carefully concealed in old wine jars and any clay pot that would not rot when buried in the ground from which it had been thrown and baked for the best method to preserve and hide their wine, oil and stories which they shared in caves and secret places.

In time the stories spread across the known world, the world of the Mighty Dragon, which finally gave in, having failed to eradicate its subversive text and adopted it for its own. So was the Mighty Dragon tamed?

Not much has changed since the year dot despite the life that gave rise to so many stories within which are teachings which I believe and follow as best I can even if it were proven that the life never was. But the nature of the human has hardly changed one iota since Christian was adopted by Rome, in fact in order to maintain and an increase control of its followers Christian became a Dragon in its own right and the stories were altered yet again, added to already accumulated Torah tales and with carefully selected texts made into a great book.

Some of the disparate groups buried treasures of stories have been found and I have no doubt that more will be unearthed, but as with so many of the Lord’s loud speakers who had no time to write, their followers were entrusted to record the stories and to get it right. Sadly as stories are passed from one to another they, of necessity, change and then become altered to suit the human hierarchies that develop after each Prophet has passed on and left us to decide on our own version. Has each era been a time, a period of discernment, just like our own?

There is often written respect of one Prophet to another, but try coming into the light of day where today’s Dragons live and play and you will find different stories indeed. Each oddly with a smattering of truth, but most cleverly hidden, so as not to incur the wrath of the Dragons of their time, in analogues, which we all now have to decipher in our own languages, that is, if we can trust the translators!

In this age of discernment it has become almost a game for some of us to extract those portions of the peeling pages that ring true for us from the many texts available to us now, over the unimagined Internet at the time of their writing and collation.

On a visit to Lumbini where Siddhartha was born I found an amazing library and museum newly built with Japanese funds with the intention of holding every word ever spoken and recorded by the followers of Buddha on the 12,000 roles of papyrus and parchment to be typed onto disc and translated into as many languages as possible.

I was shown round the vacant space that would and by now probably does, house this mammoth recording, by a beautifully dressed Indo Japanese lady in what was probably the haut couture of saris, surrounded by a platoon of uniformed Indian guards. The museum, in a separate building, sadly at that time was still an empty shell except for one sleeping guard, but I made up for that lack when I got to Sarnath.

I find it the greatest blight on humanity, apart from our own dragons, that some of us still allow Dragons free reign to persecute and kill those who follow a different faith and Prophet. Even those who are suppose to be closest to their Prophet and the Word who lead us in our daily prayers and care for our shrines and go under the name of monk.

Lord help us and be with us on our joint journey to enlightenment,
with Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. I also agree with your last paragraph David.. Yes a great blight on Humanity..

    Love and Blessings


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