Leaving behind the summer of discontent
Autumn in a flash just came and went
Leading us to winter’s cruel lament.

Like the piper’s silent wail
To the rhythm of pounding hail
This waiting game’s beyond the pale.

Life though full has become colourless
While winter dons her Draconian dress
And we at any price would say yes!

Some are smiling the smile of:
Told you, it’s not in the right bracket
It’s too beautiful and frightening a packet.
What did you expect in this financial market?

Change happens all round us:
Each year the climate slowly changes,
But our change will be momentous
The journey will take us over ranges.

We are stuck it seems in elastic time
Like the burning of slaking lime
Or the cold burn of frozen rime.

Waiting blisters like our baking sun
In this outdoor paradise of fun
Still, with every breath we are One.

Running to the shade of the moment
There is no real or conscious lament
Just a momentary lapse, it meant
Our prayers are urgent!
© David Tenneson 2014.

With Love, David


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to WINTER’S LAMENT

  1. Wonderful David.. our changes will indeed be momentous.. I hope your waiting will be short.
    Blessings Sue


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