We have spoken of our own beliefs being implanted from the earliest moments as we take on board the beliefs of those who feed and care for us and as we grow we reinforce those beliefs as we spend more and more time with our providers. And all this, it has been assumed, at a time when the child can understand the spoken word.

This applies across that board to how we should behave in our culture and level of society to the religion we follow and then as we, if we are lucky, attend a school, we lose that daily close contact and begin to be influenced by our peers who may have conflicting ideas from our parents or providers.

Then if we are unlucky enough to be the object of denial by such as Boko Haram, who in their right mind would not recite the verses of the Quran with a gun pointed at their head?

We have also spoken of the vibrations that we send out to the Universe through our thoughts, ideas and accumulated beliefs which the Universe through the Law of Attraction which sees as our wants, needs and desires and tries to match and give us more of the same, despite our doubts and denials! To every ask it is given!

Also about the way in which the race of man decided at an early stage in its evolution to deny the avenues of ideas, thoughts and beliefs that percolate through the ether into our sub-conscious minds thus denying us all that is allowed along the spiritual pathways that are provided for free to each one of us.

It takes a good deal of spiritual practice to recover those avenues and to open them again for our benefit, which is our right, and since most do not even know of their existence never have the chance to bask in the benefit of the wisdom of the masters which would enhance our inherent personal wisdom, little though it may be, depending on our culture and environment. HPT meditation is the obvious choice to allow the opening procedure to begin.

I was concentrating on my granddaughter who we know is one of the Indigo children and how best we could help her being 1000 miles away and she is only now beginning to talk. The parents like us hoping for our speedy return to be nearer to them all and there is no doubt being in the same close proximity as her parents we would have a better chance of helping.

There are not many who believe in telepathy but the Indigo children and adults are better equipped than most to allow that channel of communication to have free reign, which means that from a very early age before verbal communication they can pick up the thoughts ideas and beliefs of their parents.

Vibrationally children are more in tune than we have to date imagined! Certainly in the case of our little girl with that flood of information entering her young consciousness and not being able to respond in any meaningful way she could only show her frustration, which we have spoken of in the past.

Why now? You may ask, and with the increase in the cosmic radiations magnetic and electrical activity of the sun and responses from our planet it is in fact no wonder that since the 1960 ’s onwards there has been more than the norm of that level of mental ability coming into the human evolutionary pool.

But let me assure you that in fact Indigo is just a name and ‘what’s in a name’ for those who have been entering our race for some time now, but the difference is that those in the past whom we may have dubbed genius have really been blest with the natural ability which is open to us all, but in their case used to its maximum to link with the great cloud of Universal Consciousness that surrounds and interpenetrates our world.

As Adults we are guilty of passing on our fears and doubts in amongst our loves, ideas and beliefs through this unseen, and for the majority unknown way, and with our Free-will we have so many doubts that these will be transmitted, without our knowledge into the minds of our children whether they are gifted or not.

The gifted ones have the greatest chance of coping with anything that comes their way, because of their higher wisdom they can just discard what they inherently know is not relevant to them. This is the main reason why their attention span is relatively short or nonexistent if the subject is of no interest or so petty, as much of our concerns are, and therefore not worth their concentration.

As you can imagine with the schools so full and with few qualified teachers, children who stare out of the window are given the least one to one and therefore suffer as a result. The teacher would not recognise an Indigo and probably call for the child psychiatrist in desperation. Similarly in conditions before 2008 it would have been difficult enough but with the job market as it is at the moment to get or to hold on to a job for an Indigo adult would be virtually impossible.

A day will come in, hopefully, the not too distant future when their talents will be recognised albeit against the establishments stuck in the mire of self interest and corruption when we will all begin to benefit from their higher wisdom.

I believe that the incarnation of more of those of higher wisdom will eventually outweigh the unbelievers and swing the pendulum in favour of those who inherently believe in peace, justice and freedom for all when a new aspect of what we call democracy will be born as a natural consequence of what most will see as a leap in the evolution of mankind.
Strangely I have always favoured Indigo as my favourite colour!
With Love from Hanukah & the Angel.


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