Let us begin by saying that the Universe does not like inactivity, in fact that is not the way it is constructed since stasis infers completion, the Universe is certainly not complete and together with everything within it is in a state of becoming.

Standing still will in all probability get you stuck in the mud, both physically, metaphorically and incidentally spiritually.

Struggling in sinking sand will undoubtedly cause you to drown in the most dreadful way, whereas gentle movement, one arm at a time followed by one leg at a time in a horizontal posture will keep you afloat, a bit like swimming in sludge towards hard ground.

Sitting down for long periods of time at the computer will probably shorten your life by a considerable chunk, but to get up for a short walk, change of occupation – which is what I recommended as Health and Safety Manager to those in my care, or a drink every hour will lengthen your existence and resist the problems associated with being in one posture for a long time and the consequent neck, back and eye strain.

I found out many moons ago that a little of each: sitting, standing and walking suits my body very well and I am at my healthiest when I can practice all three every day with everything more or less equal and in moderation.

In early life when the body is young, still growing and relatively strong it’s all a big adventure, a time to travel to broaden the mind, a time to climb mountains, to party and get drunk with your mates barbecue on the beach at midnight and go skinning dipping in the sea, at least that’s how I remember it!

When the consciousness turns to thoughts of love euphoria rules the lives of you and your partner as you further your careers, but as you get serious and vulnerability enters the relationship together with responsibility, family tends to take over as frivolity flies and seriousness brings with it the stronger emphasis on the spiritual side of life. At least that’s the way it should happen so long as you are not into denial!

It is as well to become accustomed to this consciousness, not leaving it too late for age to have everything weighed down on the physical side of the balance, but for the counter balance of spirituality to be introduced into the family circle as young as possible.

There is nothing like a quiet time, enjoyed by the whole family when you can all spare just ten minutes to begin with, to sit together in the den with no TV and just enjoy that special peace when you reach out in your mind to everyone else in the room in love, peace and harmony together.

There is a natural sequential movement as the family grows and ages, individually or still together to practice HPT (Highly Precious Time) Meditation, in my view the best thing you can introduce to a family, a class in school or inmates in a prison.

Now you might consider this as a lack of movement and so it is for ten minutes, as I say, to begin with and then that same attitude of mind can be transferred to the family walk in the woods after Sunday lunch or a run in the park, you name it, you are in a state of becoming also and with Free-will you can choose your venue and your activity for HPT, a crowded bus, plane or train is not excluded.
Your choice!

Of course need I say that to know yourself helps enormously when deciding what is best for you, your body and your mind synonymous with Spirit.

There is no doubt in my mind that exercise helps the body which helps the mind but in addition also to keep the mind active on as many subjects, projects and ideas is all part of the hugely beneficial creative process which has to go on within your mind before anything becomes manifest and physical.

Please don’t let yourself become one of the ones who retire, sit on the porch, do nothing, contribute nothing and die an early death.
Why waste such huge potential?
Get moving with Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to MOVEMENT

  1. I had to smile at this post David, in the most positive of ways may I say… As yesterday I did sit down for a long length of time, as I wanted to buckle down and finish knitting the shawl edging… I got up and heard my bones crack.. LOL.. Not recommended is sitting for lengthy periods., 🙂 We took ourselves off for a long walk on Sunday.. And exercise always makes us feel better.. 🙂 Now the garden is winding down, we have set ourselves a task of an early morning walk.. We are donning on our boots and waterproofs tomorrow for a hike… 🙂
    Great thoughts and Positive tips..
    Many thanks.. Sue xx


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