When most of us oldies think of a conductor it reminds us of the days when there was a bus or a tram driver, and then a conductor who would call, “hold very tight please” and ring the bell once to tell the driver to stop and twice to go, who sold you a ticket to your destination, and clipped it if it was a return ticket on the way back.

Nowadays they’ve done away with the conductor whom we got to know on our journey to school, way to work in the week or church every Sunday and replaced him or her with a machine operated by the driver who used to be in a cab on his own but now you have to pass in front of him so no more getting away with a free ride, eh? How times change! No fun anymore and he gives you a nasty look if you don’t have the right change!

The church had a bell tower surmounted by a spire with a conductor all of its own running down their combined and considerable height to the ground below. Not like our own bus conductor known as a ‘Clippy’ because they clipped our tickets, but to conduct away any lightning strike which might otherwise damage the many pinnacles or the spire itself, as we’ve seen even mighty oaks can be reduced by such power to smoking shattered husks of their former stately selves.

If only that power could be harnessed as Benjamin Franklin tried to demonstrate with a kite and a key and a piece of string in a certain American state. But like the old bus and tram conductors there are many conductors known as needles from ages past that stand forgotten, no longer used for their true purpose and hiding their true intent in the mists of memory.

Many have been copied since ancient times as if they were a piece of artwork each one seeking and, like the skyscrapers of today, trying to be the tallest, better to glorify their builders, kings or princes who commissioned them.

Have you ever wondered why the stone needles were made with pointed tops?

Just to keep the rain from weakening the special conductive stone? I think not!
When they finally got the shape of the pyramids right they too had pointed tops, just like the Snake Mount pillar that now lies horizontally asleep on the ground next to its once proud position in the US.
How times change!

Are we missing something here?

Does no one recall from ages past the oldest conductor of them all? Even Cleopatra tried to remember what they were for but sadly forgot the necessary fabric needed to be stitched together and lie beneath her megalithic needles in order to retain the downloaded power.

So tell me: What would be the purpose of all that power provided free if it were just wasted into the earth? What if there was a way to use the power of nature’s arcs to charge and retain such immense power for future use in Cleo’s forgotten fabrics or indeed in the bowels of places like the Great Pyramid of Khufu?

We could have a network of needles of that conductive stone to catch the strikes wherever storms were likely to occur, but we would need many fabrics or housings to contain the retaining mechanisms or batteries which could be, and I believe were, located near centres of population which in those days were probably only a few million worldwide and not the 7 billion of today, and since they were charged using natural lightning arcs we could call them convenient arcs or Arcs of Convenience! Does that ring a bell?

Sounds reasonable though, don’t you think? All we need is a clever scientist to design how to use the abundance of free power which has been there since the beginning. A Pity Tesla is not still around today!
I do believe they did it in the remote past, but then so much was done then which we have inconveniently forgotten. Memory is a strange facet of consciousness wouldn’t you say?

Did I forget something? Ah yes! The Fossil Fuel Lobby which will eventually cause the planet to descend into destruction.
Where will we go then? How times change!
Wherever that is I believe that we could be there before you, I mean us:
Hanukah & the Angel


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6 Responses to CONDUCTORS

  1. OH And PS…. I remember those days of Conductors on the Buses… And Big smiles as I remember Reg Varney too 🙂


  2. All we need to do is to think outside our narrow boxes David.. We seem to be stuck in the age old views and perceptions of how to get and utilize fuel.. But then we have those at the Top of their on pinnacle David who do not wish change, for if we were to utilize something for free.. Their towers would come a crashing down..
    Great thoughts as always x


  3. Indeed David, how times change. I too believe that we could harness electricity this way, it is certainly not beyond our capabilities to do so, like the oceans, making more use of the tides for power generation, not used much around the world….Ah, the smiling conductor, i too remember those on the old buses where you jumped on and off at the back and swag around the pole on the end 🙂 Happy days, long gone bye 🙂
    Namaste with Love


    • David says:

      Oh yes! To swing round the pole just before the bus stopped to clatter up the winding stair to get to the front set on the top deck. As you say Happy Days 🙂


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