In Nelson Mandela’s 1994 Inaugural Speech,
Taken from ‘Return to Love’ by Marianne Williamson, he said:

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our Light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

It is my belief that we have been led to be afraid of our Light and of our own Eternal Nature. To think otherwise in the past was to invoke pain of torture and/or death at the hands of one inquisition or another, by any other name.

We marvel at the number of permitted religions and cults that abound in the land of freedom, the USA. However following the death of Jesus there were as many if not more initial cults trying to understand his life, works and words and to make sense of it all.

We like many of them at the time, and thereafter, may see him as a radical see my Poem ‘Radicals’ 13.10.14, although others wanted him to be more so! Most were only too well aware of the nature of their differing understandings and beliefs, as time went on, different to the accepted stories, manipulated and modified to suit the agendas of those who assumed power on and after his passing and although they committed their thoughts to scrolls, tablets and handwritten and hand bound books they hid their works for fear of retribution on the made up grounds of heresy.

The Man Jesus had no time to write between his walking in the wilderness just as Buddha had done before him, who would question that a walk in the woods is not good for you? And of course the time taken to give his teachings to those willing to listen whose numbers swelled in the last three years of his ministry. So it was left to his followers and the followers of followers to put pen to paper, mostly long after his passing and never having known the man himself, just like Paul.

They tried to write a record of how they understood the stories firstly by word of mouth and then in note form to be pieced together into a believable story, of his by then perceived as miraculous life, if the stories could be believed.

Some of these records have been found but many have been destroyed not knowing what they were or fearing their content and I feel that there are still more to be unearthed from hiding places like the hidden treasure that they undoubtedly are.

And so already we have as many versions in the form of named Scrolls and Gospels accredited to a number of personalities and groups or cults like the Gnostics. There are of course some rewritten in modern times selectively using passages from holy books totally out of context if the context itself is to be believed, regardless of proofs to the contrary, be it scientific, religious or spiritual.

It amazes me that there are still those who believe that this is our one life and no others before or after and that the world is only 6000 years old! How crazy is that? The next thing they will be saying is that the world is flat, or are there some who postulate that already? But there are still those who deny education to others and brainwash them into believing that to commit suicide is to become a martyr! When if they really knew that suicide is a sin to God, the Logos and also to the Soul.

But then I wonder why they should not believe or disbelieve when we all have Free-will to accept or deny what to me is the undeniable truth that reincarnation is a fact, you know of course that all reference to it was removed from the Bible long before the King James version, actually but for two, and that it may be just this life for our body and Spirit, but the Soul as a part of the Lord Logos is Eternal.

Buddha did not say there was a God or that there was no God, but he did say that no one was worthy to be worshipped. There is no doubt that he was an amazing individual and like the writings about Jesus he has been made into a God just like Jesus.

The difference as it appears to me is that Buddha taught the philosophy of the mind and Jesus taught the philosophy of Love. Many of us still pray to one or the other as if they still existed and so they might, but not as most would understand it, and if they do exist in the hereafter then why should not we when we pass from this life for we are all children of the Logos whose eternity is not in doubt, although no one can prove existence or not and if so, as offspring of the Eternal, we are Eternal. Eternally yours, Hanukah & the Angel.


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2 Responses to ETERNITY

  1. Yes it still amazes me David that many think in terms of this being our only life.. Who live accordingly.. We have been indoctrinated in many beliefs that suppress our own ‘Inner Power’ hence the ‘Fear’ tactics and even the teachings of the Wrath of God.. and a Vengeful God… Yet in the same breath ALL forgiving… coupled with Punishment.. *Sigh*…

    Great to ready your thoughts David.. would that we could help those with closed minds ‘See’!

    Have a Good Weekend
    Blessings and Love


    • David says:

      Yes, if only Sue all could appreciate their eternal nature and the consequences and responsibilities associated with them! Have a lovely weekend. Love, David


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