Where did I come from?
I am sure there is a space where we all come from.
We enter this world and go our separate ways
To live in countries far afield, never to see each other again.

I know this,
But perhaps as in our case
Miraculously to meet once more, from across land and sea
And come together for a lifetime
Or the final days of a lifetime, having lived.

Did we need each other to share this final facet of friendship,
Was this part of some blueprint or joint plan,
Was there so much to clear from the past,
Or to remember
Did we just come together to help each other and to share
On this final journey to Earth?

I speak and you listen
I know this.
You speak and I hear, but do I listen?
There are words that come from your lips
Which I do not understand.
And others when I can only say: ‘Wow!’

Who is it that speaks through you?
You are wise,
I know this,
But these words are beyond wisdom
They are beyond time and space
From another realm of knowing!

Together we are one,
I know this,
And I wish this for all who love and share
Loving as we do with a love that has no emotion,
That is unconditional and beyond the breath of life.

For we both wonder if we could go on living
If the other would disappear?
I know this
And perhaps pass back to the space
Where we all came from?
The ultimate reunion!
I wonder.

© David Tenneson 2014.
With Love, David


About David

Devonian writer
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4 Responses to I WONDER.

  1. This is a wonderful poem David.. So pleased I am back tracking here today, And yes. I think we did have a blue-print. Now do we follow it…??? Well I think we are nudge to remember… but the choice is always ours to follow or not… Now when I get nudged I listen.. As I do not intend to repeat the journey! 🙂


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