This is all about magnetism and the aspect of attraction.
We are all familiar from Physics in school that unlike poles attract and like poles repel in the physical sense of magnetism, and with current fears of solar flares and their disruptions of the Earth’s magnetic field and the consequent possibility of disconnection to our electrical grids, TV, radio and social media systems not to say the knocking out of our communication satellites, it would be easy to fall into the trap of fear for our safety!

This I have to say is a natural phenomenon, therefore we have to learn to live with it because there is nothing that can be done to stop it or to change it!

The magnetic disturbances caused by our sun are not something that can be disputed like a man walking on the moon which some say actually never happened except in a movie set! You cannot dispute the amazing displays of the Aurora Borealis which is normally only seen in the north of Scotland if you are in the UK but seen recently in the South of England, due to solar activity.

Magnetism is a little known subject which I feel has been left on the shelf in favour of its more obvious twin Gravity. Although recent research has proven that the heart and brain both exhibit magnetic properties and the heart, would you believe, is 5000 times more potent than the brain! And most still believe that we are just flesh and blood and not electromagnetic in any way shape or form!

Magnets as we know them are attracted by unlike poles but there are occasions where the opposite is true following the old adage that ‘birds of a feather flock together’. There is a more intimate aspect of magnetism which you might not imagine since similar bacterias tend to migrate together and cancer cells which exist naturally in our bodies can gather together creating a tumour when conditions are conducive for that attraction to occur.

By that I mean that if we eat unhealthily, don’t exercise our bodies and minds and persist in denying the positive, in our minds, tantamount to abusing ourselves, we can set up vibrational conditions within our bodies for infections and tumours to form simply by allowing the cells to congregate together answering the magnetic call of attraction of similar cells.

In short much of what we suffer can be self inflicted, which if we were to question those afflicted they would deny this possibility saying it was not their intention under any circumstances. Nevertheless not knowing yourself well can bring these unfortunate occurrences into manifestation due solely to your own actions or lack of them.

Most of us are very much still in the dark as far as knowing ourselves goes. You may be aware of the saying that ‘there are none so deaf as those who do not wish to hear’. It may be a particular subject, personal concern or fear which they do not wish to express or hear about, but they do not realise that their unwitting thought patterns can bring unwanted conditions into the body, like deafness, not realising that indeed mind over matter is a fact.

It is the same as imagining that the slight discomfort in their guts, the seat of immunity, is colon cancer but is in fact indicative of indigestion due to overeating or eating the wrong food for themselves. In this way they mentally attract just like a magnet the very cancer cells they have imagined to congregate.

Knowing ourselves helps us to understand the many facets of our personalities our bodies and our mindfulness, not to mention our spirituality. The Seeker asked the Master ‘what shall I do?’ and the Master said ‘know thyself’. Then seven years later he asked again ‘Master what shall I do?’ and the Master replied, ‘know thyself’, which gives you an idea of the lifelong quest that is before us all.

We are unique and in fact the Master was correct in saying ‘Know thyself’ for who can tell another how to behave, to live or to eat when they are unique? It is something which we all must become aware of in our own way because only we can. As I have said, ‘Don’t expect me to teach you, but if you are willing I might be able to help you to find what you need within yourself. By which I mean if you are willing to become mindful of yourself as the first step in knowing yourself!’

Remembering that you become what you think, attracting similar beliefs towards you brings you into the aura of others who think the same. But just like those who are brainwashed into a particular belief and are drawn like a magnet into the group of others of like mind, exercise your own care to ensure that the group which you join is the right one for you and only you can do that.
Know thyself well with Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Wonderful article you have written here David.. Yes we are indeed made up of Energy and we are a little like magnets attracting that energy we feed.. I felt the affects of the Solar flares with a dizzy headache that I do not often suffer from.. But the electric storms/ thunder and lightning also have that effect with me.. So I could tell how my own energy had reacted..
    I have never seen the Aurora Borealis, only via film/TV.. I would love to witness it for real..
    Loved your paragraphs on Knowing ourselves.. I always love your wisdom David..
    Thank you 🙂


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