What do you hear when you shout in a canyon?

You might think that you hear your voice, but it is not your voice. So whose voice is it?

In another canyon you will hear a different reflection or echo dependant not on your voice, but on the unique qualities of that canyon.

What do you see when you look in a mirror, or the still surface of a level lake?

You may think that you see you, but it is not you, neither is it what other people see when they look at you. The image that looks back at you is like you but changed by the reflector, the water or the mirror. A hall of mirrors will give you many different images of you.

In a darkened room you see nothing, but light a candle and you can see others and they can see you but with an electric light they will see a different you and different people see a different you, coloured by their unique perception. Each of us sees a unique quality of another which is why no two views are the same. Ask two or more witnesses to an accident and you will get two or more different reports.

When you look at someone what do you see?

Do you see their face, their body and clothes, their hair style and stature, or do you just see the eyes? When close enough look through the eyes to beyond physical and see what you can see!

You might think that you see with your eyes but in fact you see with your …
What do you see with?
Here’s where I disagree with those who believe that you see with your brain.
I believe that you see with your consciousness.
This is where the unique quality of consciousness which has been qualified and modified according to your culture, environment and life experience since birth, comes into its own.

This is not the same thing as your Soul. When I said just now to look through the eyes to beyond the physical you would not see the consciousness, but with practice you might just get a glimpse of the Soul of the one you are with.

Don’t expect to see anything of an anthropomorphic nature that you might think would constitute the image of a Soul, but I will leave you to experiment and find out what your own unique perception provides for you as a witness to others, as your own Soul is a witness to you and all that you think, say and do.

The ultimate reflection is of course the one that provides you with the instant replay of your doings, sayings, achievements and thoughts on passing from this mortal existence to provide the crucial review, which constitutes the only true evidence uncoloured by emotion, agenda or politics to decide on the next appropriate move for the benefit of Souls.

You may think it strange for me to pluralise Soul, but the fact is that beyond our appreciation there is the possibility of a return to a life for the singular Soul, but also in the ultimate unconditional act a return solely for the benefit of another or many other Souls.

This, as I am sure you appreciate, is the manifestation of the unconditional reflection of the Soul itself, which is a unique child of the Source whom I call lovingly the Beloved Lord Logos, the active principle determining the World or in short the Word, due purely to His many gifts to me of which the Word itself is manifest here.

Many are deflected by the reflective qualities of untarnishable gold or the many gems that make up the crystal kingdom, which many of us have used in the distant past, have tried to return to in this existence, but I have to say is a time past and no need to be repeated again, for we have been there done that and have the scars to prove it.

There are more urgent reflections for mankind to turn its attention to right now if we are not to annihilate each other in the immediate future. When you contemplate the IS do you at all consider: there but for the grace of God go I, or do you not see a reflection of any facet of the self in any disaffected youth trying to find a purpose to life and willing to die for a cause, any cause!
Find your true reflection with Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to REFLECTION

  1. cat says:

    Slightly disagree, Im afraid, David … cuz …What do hear when I call into canyon? … I still hear my own voice … altered … but still my own voice … I always love to listen to the echo of my voice … be it in the mountains, be it in a canyon … be it in my own bathroom … cuz it’s me … and it gives me strength to be … me. God, never answered any of my calls … I did my own answers … (you know I tried hard for 9 years to hear him) … Last poem is about that: Care to look? Please look: … nobody at the pearly gates will ever doubt, that I tried …
    Love, cat.


    • David says:

      I believe that your calling was your answer. What did you expect when you like most of us put up so many blocks? Doubt is your disaster, but you are not alone, do not give up and start trying and calling again. Love, David


  2. David this is a very ‘Reflective’ post.. with many truths within it.. x


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