In ‘More on Oneness’ I asked the question: What is freedom to you?
Well I can tell you what it has meant to me for the last 70 years, apart from our self imposed prisons, and that is to be free to do what I want to do without anyone else telling me what to do!

Which I guess was how I coped so well with solitude here for the last decade being able to please myself or should I say ourselves as we are together in Body, Mind and Spirit.

So for all that previous lifetime since birth, this time round, there was always someone ready to try to get me to do what they wanted and not what I wanted, or to tell me that what I wanted would be wrong or not viable or dangerous or expensive, which I have to admit produced a huge amount of negativity in me and of course regret, and that was the family matriarchs never mind the bosses at work!

But I guess the ten years of solitude have cleared most of that baggage and I am reduced to a simple cabin bag until the healing vibrations of my return home will clear the rest. There is nothing like returning to the scene of the crime to revisit and see with adult eyes what really went on to clear misremembered events.

I wonder sometimes in my darkest moments how on Earth I managed to survive all that negative stuff! I have to admit that I have become something of a Time Lord over the past four years of trying to sell up and move, but the market being how it is, well, that was not to be until soon.

By Time Lord I mean that I have been able to revisit the places since birth in my mind and it is as if I am walking down those very streets. I can smell the stench from the curing of the sheep skins, made into cosy coats and slippers as I walked over the causeway into town; I can smell the Pannier Market twice a week with all the fresh vegetables next to Butchers Row with all the meat, sausage and laver vendors, now no longer all meat shops I understand. Glorious stuff!

It is as well for me and I hope for you too to remember that negative emotion is something to be avoided at all cost if possible. Better to cut and run rather than get caught up in it.

It is only when you can retreat from the negative and see the positive side of any eventuality that a true sense of Well-being can pervade your consciousness, which as I have said many times is at that level of consciousness where true happiness exists.

It is definitely not from something outside of you like acquisitions, Wealth is certainly not a symbol of Well-being, however much you feel that enough money to be comfortable helps!

Getting to the root of feelings that ultimately lead to beliefs I truly believe is the answer since you are what you believe.

Going back to the Pannier Market which hasn’t changed in a hundred years will make me feel like a real Time Lord!

The search for Freedom is not something new, but more and more these days feel that they are in a subversive slavery, have little or no autonomy, which is a basic instinct shared by our remote ancestors with the whole of the animal kingdom, and feel they have no power to change their status quo.

Writers more eloquent than I have mooted the point that we are all slaves to the system which we are, sad to say all guilty of promoting in the way our cultures have developed over the years where in one form or another we are a slave to someone, who we probably voted for in our democratic cultures!

So where is Freedom now?

So many feel that they are in situations where they are in service to someone or some organisation with little or no say in their own lives.

Strange it maybe for some to hear me say: I feel that I am in service and I love it and cannot wait to be of more service than I am now, but, and here is the trick, since my service is to mankind and therefore ultimately to the Lord, I know that even if I can only help one person in this life my purpose is fulfilled and my level of conscious which I call happiness is justified. May the Lord bless us all.
Feel free with Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to FREEDOM

  1. “Getting to the root of feelings that ultimately lead to beliefs I truly believe is the answer since you are what you believe.”……….
    I agree David.. x


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